Yuushibu – Volume 1

NOTE: This is a ‘whole volume’ release. All comments from prior partial release posts have been moved here, all partial releases have been deleted. This allows for easier management and fixing.

Volume 1 Cover

Yeah, don’t mind me while I’m throwing 228 fucking pages in your face, fam!

So that’s the small surprise I’ve been planning, how do you like that?

I’ve literally translated this years ago, and editing literally didn’t go anywhere for years so I decided to take matters into my own hands since it’d be too much of a pity if this never saw the light of day.

Credits for the translation of the first half of the book go to me for translating (huehuehue), Tarail for great editing and Bluecupcakes for great shitproofreading. The latter half’s all me, which is why you’ll probably notice a drop in editing quality, lack of characterization, and a general change in how it reads.

Anyway, since this is a real dusty release, there’ll be various problems, for one I had to migrate into my current format, which means formatting derps abound, second I didn’t thoroughly check for derps in the first half of the book ’cause I ain’t doing a whole book in a week, and third and the most grave part: I really literally translated this years ago, when I was still a Japanese greenhorn to a fair degree, hence there’s a year-long gap in experience which means there will be TL derps. I straightened out those I spotted while skimming through it, but that won’t have been the last of them.

tl;dr: Do me a solid and let me know if you spot the following derps, so that I can fix ’em:

  • Typos (missing periods/misspelled words/…)
  • Inconsistent terms
  • Wrong names
  • Sentences that make no sense/seem strange (mostly that’s ’cause they’ve been translated wrongly)
  • Formatting issues (inconsistent line height/thoughts not in italic/…)
  • Whatever else derps you might encounter

That’s it on that front.

Regarding Yuushibu itself: I really liked the anime and love the light novel. While the anime is heavy on the ecchi fest, the light novel has a darker and more serious approach. It’s not dark and serious, just darker and more serious than the anime. It balances things just right and just shows how anime tend to overdo the fanservice. I’ve no idea why Yuushibu is categorized as “ecchi” on some sites, maybe it’s judged by the anime? I’ve read a fair amount of light novels and this one doesn’t strike me ecchi at all.

Oh, there won’t be a volume 2 from me, I favor translating new stuff, not already concluded series.

If I counted right, that’s my eigth (and a half, I did a fair amount of Haganai 10, too) translated light novel volume!

So I’m now officially out of stuff to translate. \o/ (?)

Anyway, enjoy the read and leave a comment if you like!

Volume 1

20 thoughts on “Yuushibu – Volume 1”

  1. Found these typos while I was reading:
    Page 31 –
    “He tried to warn her” should be
    “He tried to warn him” to maintain consistency

    Page 186 –
    “so any works important–!” should be
    “so any work’s important–!” need to add an apostrophe.

    • As I said, there won‘t be. Never say never, I might do another chapter or less for fun, but there won‘t be much coming from me.

      It‘s really a pity this series doesn‘t seem to have left much of an impression with a lot of people.

    • ePUBs might become available at a later point in time. If there’ll be an ePUB version, I wanna do it myself, so I gotta read into it first.

  2. thanks for the translation of the novel I have been looking for it for a long time the translation of the others will follow

  3. thank you for the translation but i feel if i read it i will be sadden after knowing i will not be able to know what happenes next. Do you have advice for someone who wants to read all but can’t because doenst know Japanese and have a hard time remembering so wont be able to get Kanji

    • You could learn basic grammar from GuideToJapanese.org, get an OCR application like KanjiTomo, and then decipher sentence by sentence to a degree that lets you understand the gist of it.

      I’ll probably read them myself at some point and will then provide summaries. It’s just a possibility, not a certainty, though.

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