Where to Get “Raw” Light Novels, Manga, Games, Anime

Some of you might be dying to get your hands on some so-called raw light novels and manga but just don’t know where to get them from. I’ll list a few sites I know as well as their ups and downs. Don’t forget your national custom taxing when ordering on either site. Unless your stuff’s digital only.

1. Amazon.co.jp

Amazon. Of course. Even the Japanese have it and it’s got about everything you could wish for. While they do ship paperback copies overseas, the more appealing deal are their kindle versions. They do sales now and then and when you click the link above, it’ll apply my filter to the light novel category. Usually light novels go for 200 Yen per copy during a sale. That’s dirt cheap. That’s Amazon. I can’t really vouch for their digital manga, as I’ve never tried it. But I can say with confidence that their oversea shipping’s really fast. And expensive. Alas, you can only pay by either credit card or getting someone to use their credit card and buy you an Amazon gift card. There are Kindle apps for pretty much errything (PC, iOS, Android, …). You can also set the page to partially English.

Pro: Kindle sales as addictive and stupid as Steam sales; site’s partially available in English
Contra: Credit/Gift card only; watch out for customs

2. CDJapan.co.jp

The site’s completely in English and you can pay with PayPal, yay! The pricing’s standard, shipping’s as cheap as it gets. They do pack up your stuff carefully, so no worries there. Though, I’ve got pretty worn volumes from time to time. Now this could’ve happened everywhere, but I wished they’d somewhat check before they ship that stuff. Also, they don’t even try to fool your local custom office, so don’t go and think you can fool your gov with ’em. If you can’t find a book on their page, you can request it, too.

Pro: Get real stuff; no credit card required; book requests; site’s in English
Contra: Ain’t fakin’ no customs; faulty books now and then


Pretty much the same as Amazon above. You can get your digital copies here but they accept PayPal too. Their novel illustrations are also of much higher quality. I’m not fond of their reading apps, though. The font strikes me as “pixelated”. Also, no sales. And they sometimes sell specific stuff to Japanese IPs only. The site’s not available in English.

Pro: PayPal; high quality illustrations.
Contra: No sales (that I know of, anyway); some stuff for Japanese IPs only; not available in English; do they even ship overseas?; (reading app)

4. Amazon.com

And lastly, there are officially (!) translated light novels and manga, too. Translated light novels are somewhat unknown, so I set the above link to filter for Yen Press, who are the main publisher translating Japanese light novels and also renamed themselves partially or completely to Yen On. This makes searching for all they got a tad complicated.

Pro: Well, it’s Amazon. You go figure.
Contra: Over 10 Dorrars for a light novel? Jesus Christ, Yen Press.

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