(SPOILERS?) Kusoge Online (BETA) Volume 3 Predictions

Finally some time to take a closer look on the cover of volume 3. In case you haven’t seen it yet, it’s that pic on the right (d’oh).

So let’s take a look at the cover art itself first, and ignore the volume title.

Azrael does get pregnant at the end of volume 2, so the little one’s bound to be her “child.” I’m pretty sure you can’t really get pregnant in a game – even if it’s a kusoge – so it’s safe to assume she’s not a real person, but an AI instead. I’d also guess she’s an AI with self-awareness, just like Fury. There’s also the possibility that she’s a real, new player who gets forced into the role of being their child, but I don’t think that’s likely.

Now there’s one thing that throws me off about her: While she has Azrael’s eyes, she kinda resembles Lizna with her hairstyle. Then again, her kinda weak hair color might be what you get when you mix Sasaraki’s and Azrael’s hair colors.

Now about volume 3’s title: It’s “The Only Person who Realizes that this Kusoge is Reality, is Me.”

Seeing how volume 2 was named “I got pregnant due to a bug, but no problem at all!” and Azrael’s pregnancy was held off until the very last pages, I guess we don’t get to see their child “grown up” (elementary schooler) like that too soon. I sure hope a good portion of the volume’s about Azrael being pregnant, since that’d hold good comedic potential. But I don’t think their girl will stay a baby for too long. In fact, she’ll probably look like that the second she’s “born.”

About the title itself, it’s way too vague to really get something out of it. My only guess is that it’s about Azrael taking the whole pregnancy/mother matter way too seriously, and while we’re at it, a hint that she’s taking the game itself way too seriously, too.

That’s all I get out of the cover! I sure am looking forward to reading it and I hope you do, too!

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