Shomin Sample – Volume 5 – Closing Chapter

NOTE: Incomplete translations are marked as “teaser.” Complete translations aren’t. If I feel like it, I’ll further the translation. If I don’t, I won’t. Hence, “whimsical.” Stuff may be dropped or continued, or both, or alternately, at any second without notice.

Volume 5 Cover
Volume 5 Cover

This is a teaser of the infamous the-moment-when-Kujou-san-goes-dere chapter. It’s part of the let’s call it closing chapter, which you’d find after the “afterword” and which isn’t listed in the table of contents.

Don’t you just love whimsical translations? No commitments, just do what you want whenever you want.

Did you know that I need the text to be as long as the volume cover or it’ll break my css?

Anyways, have fun.

P.S.: I’ve also worked on the specials for LNS‘ (?) bluray release of Owari no Seraph, those should come out soon™, so look forward to that.

Closing Chapter

8 thoughts on “Shomin Sample – Volume 5 – Closing Chapter”

    • Trololololo. Fun fact: this is a full chapter. I’m only saying “teaser” so that people don’t think I’m apparently doing the whole thing. Or in your words: to emphasize my laziness.

      • I never really considered the prologue or epilogue in many light novels to be a full chapter since it is usually 1/2 or 1/3 of the size of a regular chapter

      • A volume of Shomin Sample has about 250 pages and about 30 chapters. Do the math and you’ll know the average size of a chapter in here.

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