Light Novel Review: Shurabara! Volume 1

Who Would Like this Series/Volume? It’s a romantic comedy. It closely resembles other romantic comedies like Nisekoi and OreShura. There isn’t much drama involved and the contents aren’t extreme. So if you’re looking for something light on the stomach and don’t expect Shakespeare’s rebirth from it, you’re all set. For: People who like rom-coms in … Read more

The Art of Editing (Brynhildr in the Darkness)

Introduction Few people know, what editing’s supposed to do. The definitions vary and most certainly a professional editor is more than what I’m gonna break down to you here. So first of all, let’s define what editing means. I’ll paste the definition that we once put together at guhehe: In the “Editing” category, I’d like … Read more

Tips on Learning Japanese

Once you’ve set your mind on learning Japanese, you’ve already taken the first step. The first step of walking from Detroit to Moscow, but the first step nonetheless. And while you’ll be swimming for quite the big part, you shouldn’t forget that there’s always the lingering shark called “laziness” that will gratefully accept any limps … Read more