Light Novel Review: Hundred Volume 2

Who Would Like this Series/Volume? It’s your generic, off-the-shelf sci-fi-battle-rom-com series. The similarities to Infinite Stratos are undeniable. Though, it’s not the boldest of rip-offs. But anyways, if you liked Infinite Stratos then you won’t be let down here. The very, very little drama it has is almost being ignored by the protagonist, so it’s … Read more

Guess the Series – Season 1 – Part 1

I’ve asked a friend of mine to take a few pictures of an “otaku corner” within a Japanese bookstore. Of course it’s not called otaku corner, but light novel/manga corner or whatever. Let’s call it otaku corner nonetheless. Why? Because I enjoy looking at piles of stuff I like, you should know that feel, too. … Read more

Where to Get “Raw” Light Novels, Manga, Games, Anime

Some of you might be dying to get your hands on some so-called raw light novels and manga but just don’t know where to get them from. I’ll list a few sites I know as well as their ups and downs. Don’t forget your national custom taxing when ordering on either site. Unless your stuff’s … Read more