Anime Review: Kin-Iro Mosaic

Who Would Like this Anime? It’s moe. It’s slightly (!) yuri. It’s slice-of-life. So you’ll get characters that are too pure to be true with a lot of girl-on-girl blushing (only roundabout stuff) and no connecting storyline. In return, you’ll also get decent comedy and good directing. Even if you don’t like moe in particular, … Read more

Anime Review: Walkure Romanze

Who Would Like this Anime? It’s a visual novel adaption. A pretty uneventful… rom-com? There’s not all too much rom, not all too much com. It’s nothing, really. Something to kill your time with if you’ve seen everything else. For: 13 uneventful episodes to kill your time with. It’s not boring. It’s not interesting. There’s … Read more