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Merry… just kidding.

Hope you all had a jolly Christmas! As I said before, here’s a post on what’s going to come content-wise in the next few weeks. What irons do I have in the fire?

Kusoge Online (BETA) 02 Translation: I can’t nor will guarantee that I’ll see it through, but my plan’s 15 pages per week, which will add up to the volume being completed by the time volume three’s released. No need to be faster than the author.

No Game No Life 05 – Light Novel Review: Yeah, I’ve been reading this since forever, it’s taking so long since it’s, well, not so great (it’s not the difficulty). To not spoil too much, I’m utterly disappointed by the Flügel arc, to make matters worse I really liked the Flügel but ugh. The volume just totally lacks stuff to keep me busy. Welp, I’m gonna read it anyway. I paid, like, 2 bucks for it on sale, after all. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dress 01 – Light Novel Review: You guys probably don’t know the series, but it’s about a boy whose sister is a teacher on a royal court of a neighboring country with which their own country would probably be at war if it weren’t for their peace treaty… or something like that. Anyways, his sister disappears and he’s got to step in for her, dressing like a girl. Alas, the story turns pretty gay-ish, there’s nothing but little girls and boys, I kinda mispredicted this novel. However, I’m gonna read it – won’t kill me – and I’ll try to give you guys a summary and conclusion on it with as little prejudice as I can.

Inou Battle 01 – Light Novel Review: Not much to say. Its anime aired ages ago so you might know about it. Alas, the plot so far’s thin and thinner, which is why it kinda lost me. I’ll see it through nonehtless.

Underwear Situation 01 – Light Novel Review: I won’t translate more of it (it’s hard any nobody cares (until it gets an anime, then suddenly it’s super duper great ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))), but I’ll read and give a summary of it. Eventually™.

(Tamaran 01 – Light Novel Review: Weeell. This novel’s highly praised, problem is that it seems to be about a guy who’s going to get the heroine together with one of his friends. We all know the laws of light novels which won’t allow that, hence you can already smell the twist of her falling for the protagonist instead from a thousand miles away, but I don’t really care for what’s inbetween. This one’s in brackets since God knows when I’ll be in the mood for this.)

pure girl – Visual Novel (P)Review: I didn’t do this one yet, right? I’ll write something up one of these days, small hint: interesting premise, meh/grotesque art.

BALDR HEART – Visual Novel (P)Review: I kinda hate to say this but I’ll do a (p)review of this once I truly get what this novel’s about. It’s interesting and all but I don’t get the entirety of it, lots of question marks; I can’t even reliably summarize the setting. Oh, dear me.

(Imouto Paradise 2 – Visual Novel (P)Review: A nukige (p)review? Gotta check my tab in hell, errr, heaven first. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

DanMachi 03 – Official Translation Review: I read it, I only need to write it down. Soon™.

DanMachi 04 – Official Translation Review: I’ll probably devour it in two days or so, so this review’s not far off either.

Log Horizon 01 – Official Translation Review: I started reading it, the setting doesn’t exactly hype me, but it’ll happen.

Anime Reviews: I should probably watch some stuff again. Oh the backlog…

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