Light Novel Review: Shurabara! Volume 3

Who Would Like this Series/Volume?

It’s still a rom-com. It’s still much fooling around and little drama. So if you want something light on the stomach without much impact but a bunch of cuteness, why not this one? (copypasta from volume 2 *tehepero*)

For: The ones looking for some light-hearted rom-com.


This volume has an ever so slightly increase in difficulty during Sanae’s, errr, duel arc. I’ll increase it by one point just in case.

Difficulty 4/10

Translation Where?

There’s no translation of volume 3 that I know of. You’d have to try and find some manga adaption and stomach that.

Translation: No for the light novel.


NOTE: These summaries can never give you an accurate impression on how the book reads or what the book is really like. It simply gives you the gist of the novel, but don’t judge the book by this alone. It can’t be helped that things read rushed and colorless in a summary. You can get an idea by reading the conclusion and, finally, by reading it yourself!

The Whole Damn Thing


Volume 3 Cover

While the “conclusion” for volume 2 was rather on the short side, it’ll probably be longer this time. I wanna start off with a little bit of an excursion. Usually, a light novel series starts off with the three volumes (o’rly?). There is a “0th” step too, where authors write so-called one-shots as sort of a proof of concept to show the publisher that their rough idea’d be reasonably popular. Those are rather short and a bunch of them are put into a publication while asking the readers to name favorite three stories out of them. People get shortstories, publisher gets evaluation, authors get a chance. Win, win, win. There are also whole-volume one-shots, I’d say mostly by popular authors who just wanna try out stuff, I’m not really interested in that kinda thing anyway. Once a series has been greenlit for serialization (shortcut = editor loves the idea and wants to do it right away or author is a popular guy like OreImo‘s and starts something new), the author plans out three volumes. Volume three should then have two versions, one wrapping it up, another continuing the story in case of success.

And here we go, volume 3 of Shurabara! I can’t really go on without spoilers, you’ve been warned.

So the girls slowly figure out that Kazuhiro is three-timing them, each for the same reason respectively. That’s quite the bomb to drop in the third volume already, but taking the above into consideration, this is probably how the series was supposed to end if it lacked success. At first, the big deal was that only Kazuhiro and Saotome knew about the three-timing and the girls didn’t have too< much to do with each other. Now the big idea behind it is meant to be “the girls know that Kazuhiro’s three-timing, but he doesn’t know that they know.” Huh. I can actually live with that. It’s still got potential.

Takana’s on the cover, what’s the story about? It’s actually a Sanae story! Surprise. But that aside, Sanae doesn’t really get more color. However, Takana’s family is introduced, so point for Takana. But aside from the family thing, her character remains gray in my opinion. It’s no secret that she’s into Kazuhiro after all, and most of the stuff amounts to her trying to make a move on him, kinda. No revelations at all. Think about it, so far the only heroine that has something you could call “depth” is Saotome, who is the first one that appeared in the series and by romantic-comedy laws the one who’s bound to “win.” Please make it less obvious, Mr. Author.

While it all moves towards the duel at Sanae’s, she’s got the least screentime and overall feels neglected compared to the others. But Takan’s on the cover and although the finale’s Sanae’s, she’s got the most screentime, so let’s forgive this small issue.

I’ll try to be more precise, I disliked the “finish” the whole volume headed to, but I liked the way up there. All the girls are incorporated in helping Kazuhiro somehow navigating the big mess and while they know what’s going on, Kazuhiro only knows half of it and still tip-toes around the whole three-timing matter. The tables have turned, so to say. I liked that. And now that all the girls know the competition that’s going on, they’re getting somewhat more proactive. I like that also. Good one.

The pacing’s okay. Alas, I’m already reading volume 4. In fact, I’m past the first half of it, and so I know the pacing that’s to come. So yeah, the pacing’s okay. In comparison. Don’t wanna complain. Anymore.

All in one, this volume’s missing two things: an interesting finale and impact. It’s interesting, but not great. And coming back again to the pace matter after all, the characters take too god damn long to realize things. Either the author really wants to effing spell things out or everyone’s slow in the head; your choice.

Nonetheless, this volume deserves a 7. It’s better than 6, since more interesting stuff’s going on that also matters, but for an 8 it’s lacking the spice.

Rating 7/10


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2 thoughts on “Light Novel Review: Shurabara! Volume 3

  1. If you could read Oreshura and tell us the finale, it would be great. Thanks.
    Just saying, please dont feel it is a obligation

    • First of all, I’m reading and writing reviews, not reading TO write reviews.

      Second, while I do like “OreShura” I dropped it around volume 5, if I remember correctly, since my Japanese wasn’t up to it at that time and the translation wasn’t to my liking. I like reading from start to end in chronological order and not the other way around, hence I’d start from where I left off anyway, meaning lots of waiting time even if I start reading it.

      Third, I only own volumes 5 & 6, so I’d first have to buy stuff past that.


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