Light Novel Review: Shomin Sample Volume 9

Who Would Like this Series/Volume?

I can basically just point you to former volumes. Hey, it’s a sequel after all.

For: If you liked the volumes before, you’ll like this one.


Nothing’s changed compared to former volumes.

Difficulty 5/10

Translation Where?

There’s none.

Translation: No for the light novel.


NOTE: These summaries can never give you an accurate impression on how the book reads or what the book is really like. It simply gives you the gist of the novel, but don’t judge the book by this alone. It can’t be helped that things read rushed and colorless in a summary. You can get an idea by reading the conclusion and, finally, by reading it yourself!

The Whole Damn Thing


Volume 9 Cover
Volume 9 Cover

Remember when I said back at volume 7’s review that nothing seems really super rich anymore? This volume does it better again. The last one was a tad better with Kimito’s house being really big now and all, but it were rather punny descriptions. Here with the ojou-samas doing their sports and stuff, it’s quite feasible how different everything is.

Also, I gotta compliment how Karen got some quality time. It’s not superb and if I were a fan of hers, I’d still be disappointed, but in this series where seemingly the winner’s already decided, you gotta take what you get. Compared to Reiko, her quality time was way ahead if you ask me. She felt more decisive in her actions – as decisive as a tsundere gets.

We also get to know Karen’s and Haqua’s mothers. Although I can feel where those characters are going, it felt a bit forced, like, “we have Kimito, Reiko, and Aika down, we gotta jam those two in here somehow.” I also like the general absence of male characters. Do the girls even have fathers? Aika does, at least.

The running gag in the series is how Reiko never gets a color illustration. And with every passing volume, it’s getting more apparent that the author either ignore-plays with her or simply hates her guts. The new heroine candidate, Kuroe, got more attention this volume, too. As a Reiko fan, I’m getting slightly annoyed. More annoyed than by the absence of her quality time I’m by the feel that everything’s been decided. I still don’t feel like the harem’s got equal chances. Reading the other girls’ scenes feels almost heartrending, “you poor girl, putting forth all this fruitless effort…”

Getting back to volume specific points, this volume has one big flaw, in my opinion. After you’ve read it (or after you’ve read the summary), what do you feel has actually happened? Pretty much nothing, no? It doesn’t even feel like things have been set in motion or some foundation’s been laid, it feels like one big filler. Stuff, that gets passed in one episode. The compulsory cliffhanger aside, we’ve got two more mums introduced and a bit of comedy with no steps forward taken. Overall, the volume lacks impact.

But I really like the comedy in this one and the ojou-sama sports festival felt right. In my opinion, it got everything right but the character balancing (as always) and the big idea. I’ve little to complain apart from those. So I’ll give it an 8. Just barely ’cause the conclusion was more eye-rolling than anything. I would’ve liked to see Reiko or Karen fret over what to wish for. Now we’re headed for another grandfather/granddaughter arc with Haqua. Great.

Rating 8/10


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