Light Novel Review: Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Rachirareta Ken Volume 7

Who Would Like this Series/Volume?

I can basically just point you to former volumes. Hey, it’s a sequel after all.

For: If you liked the volumes before, you’ll like this one.


Nothing’s changed compared to former volumes.

Difficulty 5/10

Translation Where?

There’s none.

Translation: No for the light novel.


NOTE: These summaries can never give you an accurate impression on how the book reads or what the book is really like. It simply gives you the gist of the novel, but don’t judge the book by this alone. It can’t be helped that things read rushed and colorless in a summary. You can get an idea by reading the conclusion and, finally, by reading it yourself!

The Whole Damn Thing

The volume starts off with Kimito having a talk with Ery, urging her to tell him what’s happened during that winter back in elementary. She’s reluctant to answer and instead tells him to stay where he is. Before long, Ery wakes him up, she’s come to see him personally. But she doesn’t tell him what’s happened yet, instead she wants to clean his ears, allowing him to set his head on her thighs (haa, haa). After the talk rather drifts to Kimito stating that the elementary Ery was cute and her almost ripping the insides of his ear out before he finally says the current one’s cute too. She’s about to confess to him when… Kujou dashes in. After a fierce mental battle between the two girls, Ery decides to tell him the story already. The other club members barge in too, for the weirdest reasons.

Basically, the guy the others saw around the neighborhood when Kimito was staying at Kujou’s wasn’t Kimito, but Kujou’s real brother, Itsuki, who happened to run into Kimito by chance and saw the close resemblance and with that the chance to live as a commoner for a while ’cause… it seemed fun to do.

Aika wants to take the spotlight by posing as if he remembered their meeting at the Christmas party too, but he doesn’t. After the explanation’s over and everyone but Kujou gone, she switches to Miyuki mode and tells Kimito that he’s her one and only read Onii-sama. Itsuki seems more like a cold bastard or something and Kimito was there for her when she needed him yadayada. Then it’s her turn to give him a lap-pillow and clean his ears. He asks about the Christmas party Aika mentioned, but Kujou doesn’t answer and rather it’s also her turn to rip his insides out. In the end, she’s about to confess to him when Ery barges in and Kujou does a piledriver on Kimito.

Filler chapter describing a dream Reiko has. Basically consists of her being married to Kimito and having a child… which is Aika.

It’s summer break and while Kimito’d love to sleep in… Aika’s occupying his room and refuses to leave. They talk a bit about what commoners do during summer vacation (nothing but studying, nothing) and he tells her a bit about his sister. Other than that (that’s what “nothing but” means), going to the sea, festivals, blabla. He then plays another prank on her that involves growing a plant and writing a diary about it which might cure her tsunpure trait and assumingly a Japanese meme I don’t know about. Karen walks in on them and… slaps Aika in the face when she does the stuff Kimito told her to, because it ticks her off for some reason – Japs will probably understand.

Time for Karen’s dream. It consists of Haqua in a bunny costume, being fed by Karen who then proceeds to lick Haqua all over…

Ery visits the school again, scheduled this time, and is welcomed by a massive amount of ojou-sama bERYlievers or followERYs, whatever gets on your nerves more. She manages to escape somehow and idles around in Kimito’s room, waiting for him to notice her “new” hairstyle, which resembles the one she had back in elementary. She asks him whether he likes how the ojou-samas are behaving. He doesn’t deny it, which leads us to…

a gathering of Ery with her followers, where she shows them some special behavior… Cutting it short, she makes them into annoying… female dogs. She tells them to sit on chairs with one leg drawon close to their bodies and the foot on the chair, slapping on the desk and laugh something like, “GYAHAHA! THAT’S FUCKING FUNNY!” She justifies it by telling them that they have to celebrate their independence as women or something and don’t care what men (Kimito) think of them – to be true career women.

The next day during some optional classes, Reiko, Aika, and Kimito are alone… for now. Soon, all of the ojou-samas enter being dressed up like gyarus (google it) and basically act like… female dogs. The teacher tells them to calm it down and behave, but is basically told to, well, shut the eff up. Being beyond surprised, the teacher goes and gets Kujou, who then drags Ery to the principle. Hardly managing to hold up the act, Ery realizes that she went too far. When she’s about to apologize sincerely, ojou-samas dash into the office and break her out. She’s lead to the headquarters of her own revolutionary army (consisting of ojou-samas) and “war” breaks out. When the forces of the regime (the school) “attack”, they’re merely thrown at with pillows. Welp. Ery then is sentenced to ten slaps on the bare buttocks. By Kujou. You may imagine the force yourself.

As priorly promised, Kimito visits some card club within Seikain. We can put this one short: they’re playing pretty darn superhuman-ly (picking the cards so fast that their clothes catch fire). Apart from the vice president, who cheats and everyone acts as if she’s using super powers. Kimito then wakes up… and basically everything starts over again. Hmmm…

Short flashback from Ery, who’s in her own room in commoner village. Her mother comes in and they end up talking about her lack of progress with Kimito with her mother saying stuff like, “do you really think he’ll be available forever?” A bit more chit-chat about how to approach (her mother basically suggests she should just drop the tough act, but Ery states she just can’t), they end up compromising on switching to the hair style from way back for a bit.

Reiko’s mum calls Reiko. On some special phone, of course, the ojou-samas can neither receive nor connect to the outside, remember? Anyway, she tells Reiko, they’re gonna go visit some desert island that she… bought on a whim. Her brother’s preoccupied, dad’s not coming as always, it seems. And she tells Reiko to invite Kimito, as she deliberately created this chance for her hesitating daughter.

And so Reiko goes to invite him. After a lot of hesitation, she finally manages to break it to him, and he accepts! YES! Kimito asks her whether it’s just him she invited. She says, “Of course not, I’ve invited everyone!” NOOOOOOOOO!

After we’ve had our everyone-comes-and-shows-off-their-swimsuit-chapter, Houko (Reiko’s mum) join’s the fray and so do the other ojou-samas from class (yes, really everyone came). They also apologize for sticking along, but Houko states that she expected it to turn out like this anyway.

Next, Houko pulls off another stunt. Making it up to be some “what commoners do on the beach” stuff, she lets Kimito put sun oil on her. Before he can actually do that, however, Reiko cuts in and appeals to her to not let that happen. Houko asks her daughter whether she then wants to substitute. And she does. YES! Before it actually happens, though, she blows her fuse, turns around and in a panic puts all the stuff on Kimito. The other ojou-samas join in and all finger him together! Haha! Ha…!

During dinner, Kimito’s being sandwiched between Houko and Reiko, the former does some suggestive talk about two-timing mother and daughter, if I remember correctly. Anyway, there’s an announcement that a festival will be hold on the evening, and also that there’s some kinda shrine on the island which is said to surely bind a man and woman, if they pray on the shrine together (rolleyes). However, they still couldn’t find it yet.

When Kimito wants to go to his room (on the island), He finds Kujou in there, half-naked. No need to fret, though, it’s just a daring swimsuit. Kujou’s arrived on the island earlier, after Houko seems to have tried quite some stuff to not let her get to the island.

Henceforth, the festival arc begins, which we can cut shortly, apparently. Kujou’s arc involves those thingies at the festival that you try to cut out with some kinda stick or something without the object splitting. Of course, Kujou does the hardest thing they have in stock there. In the meantime, Reiko’s run off the path a bit to look at all the pretty flowers and finds the rumored shrine by chance. Now Haqua’s arc. It’s goldfish scooping for her. Kimito performs quite splendidly in it, while Haqua doesn’t. Point is that she then tries to literally calculate the whole thing. Next is Karen. She’s idling around an accessory stand and can’t decide between two rings. God knows why she wants one (surely not for her sister as she says), but it turns out that her birthday was in June. Kimito decide on one for her and gives it to her as a gift which makes her very happy (Kimito can tell thanks to a mirror which reflects her face while she’s turned her back on him). Aika’s arc basically consists of her dragging Kimito around to help carry all the food. They then eat it together in a quiet corner. She wants him to feed her the frankfurter sausage, and when he tries to put that sausage slowly into her mouth… he decides she should eat it by herself after all. And when she then tries to push that sausage into her mouth… he decides to take it from her and eat it himself. She urges him to remember the Christmas party incident from back then and excuses herself to the toilet in a hurry.

Finally, Reiko gets a hold of Kimito. Without much ado, she drags him to the shrine in silence, mostly. Arriving there, she starts praying and suggests he does the same. After a whole lot of thinking and fretting, he finally starts to pray. The fireworks go off and lighten up the night sky, illuminating Kimito, Reiko, and the other four girls standing behind them. Tough luck.

That’s it for the island arc. The volume closes with everyone arriving back at Seikain. When getting out of the plane, a call for Aika arrives. Her family’s gone bankrupt.


Volume 7 Cover
Volume 7 Cover

Volume 7 comes back stronger than 6 was. This time, there were no big promises in terms of cliffhanger that could let the readers down, so it had the better feel to it. In fact, this volume resolved the issue volume 6 closed with right away and went right on with facing new things. Well, the isn’t exactly satisfactory and rather far-fetched, but it could’ve been worse. Probably.

Compared to the former volume, I liked the humor in this one better again. It really had some nice impact in its puns. The Kujou/Miyuki multiple personality doesn’t feel old yet, either. Furthermore, Houko does another entry, and as one of the few more direct characters she feels very refreshing to have around. Especially since she’s a forward character that works towards other character’s fortune, namely her daughter’s, rather than her own. I don’t think that’s an overused sort of character.

Now, what I’ve been worrying about since volume 4 or 5 really, is that certain characters are incredibly under-represented. Compare the quality time certain characters get and judge for yourself whether it’s even. In my opinion, it’s currently Aika > Haqua >>> Ery > Kujou >> Karen > Reiko. Reiko has very few scenes dedicated to her own progress with Kimito or even dedicated to her just being with Kimito. Even in this volume, where she had a bunch of scenes, it felt more like she was hardly even with the time Aika got in this one. And adding them all together, it feels like Kimito simply doesn’t give a shit. He simply pays lip service how she’s perfect and the “ojou-sama of ojou-samas”, but his actions suggest he doesn’t care. Same goes for this volume yet again. I don’t mind this in general, but if you’re doing a harem series, you should at least try to make all the girls look like they’re on equal footing. Else you might as well scratch the additional characters. Reiko’s been treading water since volume 3.

I thought I had already said something about Karen in the former reviews, but seems like I haven’t. As suggested above, she’s another one of these ignored characters. I wonder if Ery’s taking her part of being the tsundere now? Anyway, in my opinion, Karen’s quite the interesting character. While volume 4 was more or less dedicated to her, she, too, had no progress with Kimito at all, but with Aika instead. There are two traits of hers that are being painfully under-used: her teasing Kimito with her thighs, her yandere sister (where is she, anyway?!). Much room to improve here, too.

By the way, two things that happened in volume 1 which have been ignored ever since. One, Karen accepted Kimito as her master and wants to cut him down once she thinks she’s stronger, remember? This could’ve been interesting. Two, Reiko’s being seen naked and pretty much gets off of it. Ignored ever since.

Another point is the lack of attentiveness to the setting. With every passing volume, this whole ojou-sama setting feels more and more exchangeable. There’s hardly any descriptions on how everything is ridiculously luxurious. While in volume one, at least, the descriptions were still very picturesque, the deserted island felt like any school trip and overall the “super rich stuff errywhere” setting is drifting apart. Again, I don’t mind this in general, but if you’re choosing a certain setting, you gotta pay attention to it or it’ll start to look like a sorry excuse to get some slice-of-life going. And it wouldn’t even be hard to describe some unreasonably pricey environment.

There’s more good stuff that seems to get common now. For instance, the author generally uses illustrations for the puns now. Punchlines aren’t delivered in word, but rather via illustrations. This works splendidly and the impact’s really sweet. Basically, the text adds up on the tension and the illustration then delivers the final blow. A great way to do it. Also, the fillers – and let’s be serious, half the volume’s fillers – connect volumes. As an example for this, I can name the Ery revolution from this volume. The starting point of it was some seemingly unimportant filler from the prior volume. It’s great to see that the fillers connect, at least.

Now, 60% of this review’s bad critic. This makes it look worse than it is. It’s a really fun volume, like the volumes before were. And by shifting the focus a bit more on Reiko, it at least tries to do one of the mostly ignored characters a bit just. So that’s where it’s ahead of volume 6. The comedy’s better in this one too, if you ask me. And the side characters that show up, do the dynamic of the story very well. I’m giving it an 8, since it’s significantly better than the last volume. It’s barely an eight because, well, nothing big really happens. Almost seems like some .5 volume. But it’s one of the funnier ones.

Rating 8/10


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