Light Novel Review: Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Rachirareta Ken Volume 6

Who Would Like this Series/Volume?

I can basically just point you to volume 5. As far as I’m concerned, the pace of this one’s a lot slower, though.

For: If you liked the volumes before, you’ll like this one.


A tad easier than last volume again. I’ll keep it at 6 though, since Ery’s still getting her screen time.

Difficulty 6/10

Translation Where?

There’s none.

Translation: No for the light novel.


NOTE: These summaries can never give you an accurate impression on how the book reads or what the book is really like. It simply gives you the gist of the novel, but don’t judge the book by this alone. It can’t be helped that things read rushed and colorless in a summary. You can get an idea by reading the conclusion and, finally, by reading it yourself!

The Whole Damn Thing

The volume starts with a very brief recap of what happened last time (Kujou kissed Kimito). She tries to save herself by stating that it’s normal to kiss one’s brother (ye, right). But Kimito doesn’t recall being related to her and she tells him he simply doesn’t remember. First he takes it as a joke, but she’s series and leaves him like this.

Next Kimito fools around with Aika a bit, playing jokes on her again (undoing her twintails), she seems to have noticed that he’s worried about something, he brushes it off, however, but is grateful to her for having noticed. She also asks about Facebook and, well, Kimito does one of his pranks on her which basically consists of telling her that it’s a yoga pose – a really strange one.

And then the Twitter arc begins which can be recapped to the following…

First of all, only the Commoner Club does use the special “Ojou-sama Twitter” (cut-off from the rest of the world), meaning the five members. Aika and Karen tweet a lot to each other and Reiko gets ignored. She keeps being stubborn about wanting to take part and then gets blocked by Aika – plus, she asks Haqua to hack their accounts to know what Aika and Karen’ve been talking about. Reiko feels horrible about it and after a sleepless night, considers having breakfast in an isolated place (keyword toilet bento). However, her friends call out to her and ask whether something’s wrong, which makes her feel all better. Before long, the whole class wants to participate in the twitter stuff, and so they do. By the way, Karen’s pretty conscious about her thighs now and tries to let Kimito have a peek at them here and there. I like.

The twitter arc’s being interrupted by (finally) one of Kimito’s memories about his past with Kujou (first name Miyuki). It’s about him not being liked by his “little sister”. On that part, it’s not certain whether she’s his real sister or not, at least they haven’t been raised together. Kimito’s in a large mansion for a limited time that is just so huge, that it doesn’t feel like a house anymore, not even speaking of like home. He’s bored as hell and doesn’t want to attend school, so he’s taught at the mansion itself. When Miyuki comes back from school the other day, he decides to at least make up with her so that life’s not as hard on the both of them. When he goes to her room to talk to her, she doesn’t answer his knocks. He simply enters and sees her lying on the bed in darkness. She raises her body in surprise and even in the dark room he can tell that she cried, he sees a crumpled notebook in the trash bin and takes it out, she jumps up in surprise. But too late, it turns out that she’s been bullied at school. She doesn’t want to tell the staff, though, because her family’s so powerful that the bullies and their families would probably “disappear” in the consequence.

Back to the Twitter thingy. Now Aika’s no one to talk to as Karen’s preoccupied (forgot why) and Reiko’s got the upper hand since the whole class follows her and so on. Aika wants Kimito’s help to raise her follower count now. And, of course, it turns into another prank. He tells her to do some motivation tweets of some (seemingly) famous Japanese guy. The “Atsukunare yo!” stuff from the previous volume. So she tweets about that and… it surprisingly works. People start to retweet her and fav her stuff. Kimito can’t believe it himself.

And all the (rather comedy) motivational stuff he told Aika hence spreads throughout school… which leads to Kimito finding himself in the principle’s office. As Kujou-san hasn’t showed herself ever since (embarrassment ‘n stuff), he’s alone with her. Fearing for the worst, he’s surprisingly easily forgiven, but feels the threat that’s coming for him if he messes up like this again.

Next, Sakimori-san (Haqua’s maid) invites Kimito to watch a movie. But only half with her – she’s just planning to operate the equipment. Kimito’s suspicious whether he’s being set up, but Haqua appears to be busy all day so he agrees in the end. He gets to watch “Roman Holiday” (google it) in the academy’s movie theatre. After the movie’s over, they leave the building, and… Kimito sees Haqua lying on a bench. In the following, they pretty much reenact the whole movie – everything’s staged by Haqua’s maids, of course.

Another memory of the past. Kimito goes to school and tells the three guys who bully Miyuki to stop it. However, they deny ever having bullied her and want proof. So he lets them be for now. The next day, Kimito rushes to Miyuki’s classroom to see how she’s doing. But she’s not there. He searches around for her in a hurry and finds her being pushed into some cleaning props closet by the three guys and… beats them up. And hence he’s become her beloved “Onii-sama”.

Back in the present, Reiko’s made some sweets. She asks him whether he’d wish for a wife who can cook etc., you know the drill. And she’s even wearing knee-socks today! Or so she says, because no one can tell due to her overly long skirt. Karen’s kind enough to tell her the true appeal of knee socks (thighs ‘n stuff), and so she… lifts up her skirt to show them… and her panties, yay. Time to eat the sweets. However… they’re biblically deadly. Reiko’s lost as to what she could’ve done wrong and hence demonstrates exactly what she did in front of everyone. Everything’s fine until the part where she puts the sweets into the oven and… sings.

After having taken a bath, Kimito’s goes back to his room and finds Ery in there. She’ll be in his class starting from tomorrow. The next day, Ery (as the second commoner sample) is getting swamped by the ojou-samas. But she only gives them half-assed answers. Why’s she even consented in doing the commoner sample? Kimito wonders.

During P.E., Kimito has to dance, as Seikain’s P.E. lessons consist of the ojou-samas coming up with choreographies. He can’t get the moves quite right and so an ojou-sama gives him some touchy-feely instructions on how to do it. Other ojou-samas see what she did there and start instructing him too. While Kimito wonders, whether he really does so many things wrongly, there’s already a line formed for instructing him. Ery hits him with a volleyball for reasons.

Suddenly, Ery’s all up for teaching the ojou-samas about commoners. She shows them about eyelashes and whatnot, and drags every ojou-sama she can get (including Aika who tries to bail out) with her to show them about commoner stuff – without Kimito being there. The next day Kimito’s all alone on his way to the dining hall, but he doesn’t mind the change of pace. Arriving there, he can even sit down alone on a table without anyone making a fuss when suddenly Ery enters – and with her a few dozens of ojou-samas all looking and moving exactly like her and basically mimicking the exact same stuff she does. Even when she sits down, everyone tries to sit down at the same time – and when there’s no chair, they try to sit in the air. Ery doesn’t seem to happy about this outcome.

Another memory. It’s about Kimito and Miyuki playing hide-and-seek in the mansion. However, Miyuki’s always in the same spot – on the balcony attached to her room. He heads there and, sure enough, there she is. But it’s winter and really cold, and the two of them stand there in their pyjamas. When Kimito asks Miyuki why she’s always here, she replies that she likes this place and to look at the stars… but it’s clouded. She starts to shiver due to the cold and Kimito hugs her.

A short intermezzo follows, when Kimito heads to the toilet in some deserted building he doesn’t even know what it’s for and suddenly Kujou-san steps out of a door. She quickly heads back in.

Aika visits Kimito to study for the oncoming exams. In the process, Aika gets close to him so that he can teach her, he tries to get away a bit but Aika follows. They start to quarrel and eventually Kimito has enough and simply hugs her close like, “how do you like that, then?” Then AIka asks him whom he’s gonna marry, as she overheard the marriage talk from last volume. But he simply states he’s not thinking about anything like marriage at his age. Suddenly, Kujou-san enters. She announces her resumption of her maid duties.

Kimito’s dreaming. Namely, about him having to leave the mansion soon and Miyuki crying. He consoles her by telling her he’ll always be her Onii-chan.

He wakes up and Kujou-san’s beside him as usual. Right after, he tells her that he now remembers. She states that she’s to prepare herself (huehue). Later, he receives a notice telling him to come to her room at 10 P.M. that night.

Another flashback. Kimito’s down with a fever after he’s come back from a Christmas party. Miyuki’d like to look after him, but isn’t allowed to since the maids don’t want her to get sick too. When he wakes up with his fever lessened, she rushes by his side, but he simply looks at her blankly and asks her who she is.

And so Kimito goes to visit Kujou-san in her room that night. When he arrives there, she’s waiting on the balcony. As memory suggests, he walks to her and hugs her from behind. And that’s pretty much it.

The next morning, Kujou is by his side (again). Being all dere from now on. When she closes in on and tries to kiss him, he dodges. She replies that it seems to still be too early when he’s awake and he recalls the kiss from before. Asking her how many times she actually did this, she adds it up to 1007 in the end. Although Kimito’s got a lot more gaps in his memory, Kujou doesn’t want to fill them in since she wants him to remember by himself. And she wants him to keep the sister/brother thing to himself, since she’s the head maid (and probably an ojou-sama) – and he the commoner sample. That doesn’t quite go well.

Next, Kujou invites Kimito to her room during lunch to have… lunch. When she went to his classroom to get him, she was as cold as ever, which she explains as her having to be the same as she was before and she’s terribly sorry about it. Anyway, they eat lunch and as she makes up an excuse (there’s rice on your cheek) to get close to and kiss him, another maid knocks at the door. The second she opens it, Kujou strikes him down and steps on his chest, acting as if punishing him. When the maid leaves, she tends to him soon after (“Onii-sama!”).

The commoner club holds a study group. And Kujou’s present, too. You can pretty much guess what happens, but I’ll tell you anyway. The ojou-samas do their usual attempts on getting close to Kimito and Kujou cockblocks them all. When the last of the ojou-sama’s left due to Kujou’s mental pressure, she soon hugs Kimito from behind as they’re finally alone. And then, Aika steps back in as she’s forgotten her pencil case – and Kujou German-suplexes him.

Kimito calls a few of his former elementary classmates to fill in some gaps in his memory. But curiously, all of them tell him that he was present all the time, even when his memory suggests he’s been at Kujou’s mansion for some time. He ponders about whom to ask next, he needs someone close to him. And then his phone rings, it’s Ery.

The volume closing are some words from the-person-inside-Kujou, Aoi Yuuki (voice actress). She only muses about what makes an ojou-sama into an ojou-sama. I don’t get the point of this one.


Volume 6 Cover

I’ll cut right to the chase, this volume has me torn. On one hand, it’s got brilliant moments with lots of impact. On the other hand, it drags during some parts. You’ll have to deal with slight spoilers in the following, or else I can’t explain stuff well.

Volume 5 ended with Kujou’s kiss and volume 6 avoids this whole matter for an unbelievable 70% of its size. The author can’t be this blind so this has to be calculated, but I don’t get why he – while he usually writes really fast-paced and refreshing – would postpone the most exciting matter for so long and then only give it a small part of attention. To be fair, there are a bunch of flashbacks, memories, yadayada; however, the real deal is in the present, and here it’s cut short.

To make matters worse, the (let’s call it) fillers before the real Kujou-arc are surprisingly boring here and there. The first half of the twitter arc is hardly entertaining. It feels rather forced and alien to the setting. At least it concludes brilliantly by playing on the last volume’s diet plan and even leads up to another school-wide “hype”. And then there’s the Haqua arc with the movie enactment. It’s foreseeable and not entertaining at all (subjective opinion, of course). There are hardly any funny moments in it and it’s not even good as lolicon fanservice as there’s just too little happening. Reiko bringing her sweets is really eventless, too. Was the author in a slump? Lacking material to fill the volume?

Of course there are nice scenes too, like Ery’s personal army and the P.E. lesson. And you’ll be rewarded with Kujou going dere yet tsun, like having a multiple personality. Speaking of which, her character change is really well made. After having read so much about her behavior before, the sudden change in character feels really creepy, and I think that’s how the author wants you to feel. I actually liked her emotionless expression a lot, and seeing her all smiles gives me goosebumps – in a bad way. The fast personality switch when someone walks in on them feels pretty refreshing too – for now. This might change and become very foreseeable, but let’s take things the way they are for now.

On the not-so-bright side, the storyline the flashbacks and memories provide is over-the-counter. Not a single surprising moment here. A pity.

Now this review may suggest that this volume’s a drag to read, but it isn’t. It’s still fun, but not as fun as the volume before or the ones before that one. It’s a step back, if you ask me (and that’s what you do by reading this), and that’s why I’ll give it a 7 for now. Maybe with time I’ll feel like it’s an 8 nonetheless and uprate it, but for now: 7. And here’s hoping for regaining its old virtues with volume… 7.

Rating 7/10


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