Light Novel Review: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Volume 7

Who Would Like this Series/Volume?

It’s KonoSuba. Do you like KonoSuba? Then why don’t you read more KonoSuba? This volume is more KonoSuba. And it’s good.


Actually easier than the former volume. If you had no troubles understanding that one, you should be perfectly fine with this one. Otherwise, it’ll be as hard on you as the last one (d’oh).

Difficulty 5/10


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Rough Sketch

Volume 7 is all about Darkness and her marriage with, let’s call him, fat f*ck. It ends with Kazuma and the gang thankfully blowing up the whole thing.


Volume 7 Cover

Holy cow! When was the last time you literally couldn’t put a book away? Has it been a while? Then try volume 7! I blew through the whole thing in Japanese in one sitting. The last time that happened was with Shomin Sample.

It certainly helped that Darkness is one of my favorite characters in the series. Wanting to marry her away and actually giving Kazuma a chance to shine and maybe get closer to her was really right down my alley.

I was kind of worried that this volume would read like some twisted NTR doujinshi with the fat f*ck licking Darkness all over while all Kazuma can do is watch powerlessly until finally the turnaround comes. However, he won’t get to lay a single finger on her since they’re seperated until the marriage ceremony. Whew.

The divination, the fight with the Hydra, Kazuma breaking into Darkness’s family territory, his lonesome talk with her, his talk with her father, the day of the ceremony, how they blow it up, how they cure Darkness’s father, everything’s just so perfect.

Everything? Well, I kind of bit into my desk when Kazuma ruined the moment where he’s alone with Darkness in her room. I mean, I knew that it wouldn’t turn into… that… but this? That was a bruh moment, as the cool kids would say.

As you might’ve noticed, I’m very vague about pretty much everything. That’s for a reason: There’s no real characterization, character development to talk about, it’s not a drama. All I’m trying to tell you is that this was the best light novel I’ve read in years and you should stop reading this and start reading KonoSuba 7! If you’re even half a Darkness fan, it’s an absolute must!

Rating 10/10

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