Light Novel Review: Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai! Volume 3

Who Would Like this Series/Volume?

Little drama, just a few revelations and new characters. It does little to nothing with Ayame and the eroge theme, so if you came for more of that, you might as well skip this volume.


It’s slightly harder than the previous volume solely because of the thematic (rumors and stuff). As far as grammar’s concerned, there’s no new challenge.

Difficulty 5/10

Translation Where?

I’ve seen a started translation that might’ve or might’ve not been discontinued. In any case, I didn’t read it and can’t tell much about its quality. However, to not discourage a further translation, I won’t whip out a summary for this one.


NOTE: There’s a partial (maybe discontinued) translation of this volume, so I won’t post a summary to discourage further translations.

Rough Sketch

This volume revolves around their fight to further integrate Ayame into the class and clear her name. It ends with a clue who might’ve spread rumors about Ayame.


Volume 3 Cover

It’s pretty lame to start out with the conclusion, but I am very disappointed in volume 3.

Do you guys remember how volume 1 started out and what made it so spicy? It’s mainly that delinquent girl, Ayame, finding interest in that weeb (?), Aramiya, and then proclaiming she’ll turn into his ideal girlfriend, which couldn’t be farther from what seems to be her original personality.

Well, good luck finding any of that in this volume. Volume 3 revolves largely around baseless rumors being spread about Ayame, which complicates everyone’s efforts to clear Ayame’s name and integrate her into the class.

There’s one tiny section where Ayame goes to visit Aramiya’s house to play an eroge with him which is pretty funny and cute – but that’s it. The rest is rumors and the troubles they start having because of them with student council president (turns out she’s also a weeb playing eroge, just a different kind, and she’ll later join the club).

Fortunately, there is also some character development happening mainly with the student council president (from annoying yuri protagonist to just another weird harem member (?)) and Eve. Eve’s development is centered around her past relationship with Aramiya. Apparently, she didn’t just stand him up in the cold for the lulz, she genuinely believed some dumb myth that if she called her crush to some isolated, faraway place and he really comes, it means eternal love, or something to that extend. In other words: She’s an idiot.

Another thing you can expect from volume 3 is a very large amount of way too long dialogues that feel way too forced. What comes to mind specifically is a dialogue between Aramiya and his teacher, who calls him to have a talk about a rumor that he’s screwing all of the clubmembers and treats it as his harem (would any freaking teacher ever believe such a rumor?). Said talk turns into some weird phylosopical exchange about life that just sounds like the author wanted to have a go and uses two handpuppets to basically have a monologue with himself.

I really don’t understand how this series went from volume 1 to this. It simply ignores its selling point which frustrates me to no end. Reading volume 3 felt like a reaaal drag, and I sympathize with the fan translator who seems to have discontinued the translation. Honestly, even if you’re a fan, maybe skip this volume. I’ve heard that volume 4 is supposed to be much more interesting, but I burned my hands on this one. It’s not exactly bad, just average and boring. It has a few silver linings, but they’re too few to justify any recommendation as far as I’m concerned.

Rating 5/10

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