Light Novel Review: Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai! Volume 2

Who Would Like this Series/Volume?

Compared to its prequel, this volume has much less and heavy drama. The whole thing is about rumors and how to clear one’s name of them, this leads to a sudden increase of slice of life in this volume.

For: Less drama than in its prior volume, but also less sustain and comedy, more slice of life.


You wouldn’t believe that the same author wrote this one if the cover didn’t say so: it’s by far easier to read than the first volume and very much standard Japanese. You’ll know what’s going on if you’re not an absolute beginner.

Difficulty 4/10

Translation Where?

Not that I know of. Maybe there’s a manga adaption, but the series is fairly new, so dunno. (copypasta 4tw)

Translation: No for the light novel.


NOTE: These summaries can never give you an accurate impression on how the book reads or what the book is really like. It simply gives you the gist of the novel, but don’t judge the book by this alone. It can’t be helped that things read rushed and colorless in a summary. You can get an idea by reading the conclusion and, finally, by reading it yourself!

The Whole Damn Thing

For our protagonist, Aramiya, the day starts off with being woken by Ayame in his room, who was let in by his little sister, and after a little exchange whether it’d be better for her to act out a childhood-friend-character or imouto-character by eroge standards, it’s decided that she’ll stay for breakfast.

After the next cut, everyone’s already in the club room and a short summary of what’s happened last volume commences. It’s pretty apparent that Yuuka (the voice actress) is starting to fall for Aramiya too, but that aside they all think about how to progress in order to clear Ayame’s name. Before they can up with something definite, the student council president makes her entrance – along with two of her lackeys. Her name’s Yaotani Airi and she’s more or less a lesbian and doesn’t give half an eff about men. Short form of her message: they either have to get six members within the next month and a teacher for supervision or the club gets disbanded. So far so cliche.

The other members suggest that he should invite his little sister to join the club, and we all know he’s not too fond of her. He asks her anyway since he’s sure she’d turn him down as he is in the club, after all. However, she agrees since Ayame’s in too. Tough luck. Five members.

The next day. Word’s on the street that a new transfer student’s joining the class – oh you, author-san. Rumors say she’s got big boobs, yadayada, who cares. There’s only one thing relevant: the moment when she steps into the class, does her sideways peace sign around her eyes and rants on in all her gyaru-character goodness. Her name’s Eve and Aramiya’s pale. She’s someone he’s been with in elementary and she still remembers him.

Alone in the club room, Ayame soon joins Aramiya as she’s worried about his rather snow-ish face and he decides to tell them the reason why he’s so shocked about her transferring: she’s the girl who betrayed him in elementary (please refer to volume 1 for details). As Ayame decides to beat her to a pulp, he does his best to keep her in check. After all, they want to clear her name.

We can put the next bunch of pages short. For the weirdest reasons, Eve wants Aramiya to show her around and sticks with him all day erry day as if they were best buds, seemingly being very fond of him. The other two girls are jelly as hell, of course, and stalk them where they can. Every time Aramiya’s like “screw you guys, I’m goin’ home,” she nonchalantly turns to a classmate and starts talking about their past, which he doesn’t want anyone to know. She also doesn’t show any fear in front of Ayame – or she doesn’t get that there’s a threat to begin with – and soon word gets around that she’s fearless, stole Ayame’s boyfriend, and she’s basically the new King(/Queen) in class. However, he soon can’t take her retarded attitude anymore (she’s not the brightest girl around) and tells her to get lost, not caring about whether his past leaks anymore – also, even if just subconsciously, to calm down Ayame, who’s growing more frustrated by the day. Eve realizes they’re close and decides she has to do something about that girl.

The next day, Aramiya goes to school on his own since Ayame appears to have overslept. Arriving in class, another person seems to be late too: Eve. She barges into class and, tada, no more gyaru makeup. There’s still tons of makeup on her face, but at least she doesn’t look like nougat anymore. Of course she asks him how she likes, and he’s got little choice but to tell her that it’s not bad – or else he’d be the bogeyman. Ayame, on the other hand, doesn’t look all too relaxed. It turns out that she’s been playing an eroge, that he recommended, all weekend. Yuuka would like to join in on their conversation too, but she can’t keep up too well, as expected. Aramiya realizes that he enjoys to have someone to talk to about his passion – although talking about certain scenes proves difficult when the other party’s a girl. However, Eve butts in on them before long. Whether it’s intentionally or she’s just too stupid (your guess is as good as mine) but she’s pretty intruding and grinding Ayame’s gears good, which lures Ayame into assuming a pretty aggressive stance, worsening her outer image.

Aaand a whole lot of new rumors around Ayame start to spread all of a sudden. You name it. She screws with men as well as women, has beaten up a girl who’s probably crippled now, yadayada. Friend and Aramiya are on their way to the clubroom, when they meet the student council president. She tried to recruit the two girls for her harem, errr, to help the student council, but they declined. Alas, she doesn’t know who’s spreading the rumors either, but intends to help if she can.

After a short exchange with Eve in front of the school where it becomes quite obvious that she’s spreading the rumors and Hatsushiba’s showing her scary side, the crew decides to put yet another plan to clear Ayame’s name in action: it’s time to make her into a good student. Apparently her scores are pretty much all reds and the logic is that no one would take such rumors for granted if they were connected to a good student (uh-huh). Hence, they’re headed for the school library the day after. Of course, various students take flight upon seeing Ayame. After a bit of study, Aramiya looks for something and runs into a cute girl in a boy’s uniform who happens to be the person Ayame saved from coercion earlier (I hope I mentioned that? Maybe in volume 1?) and who ran away right after being saved, which the really cute girl in boy’s uniform… alright, let’s drop the act, of course it’s a boy who looks cute – Yukimura style but probably really a boy this time. So Aramiya takes the trap to Ayame so that he can say his thanks to her for everyone to see and witness.

The next day, Ayame gets cold-picked (if I remember correctly, that’s the term for a teacher to pick a student in class who didn’t raise their hand) by a teacher in class again after a long, long time – she basically got ignored by the teaching stuff. And since the subject happens to be something they studied the day before, she even knows the answer, everyone’s surprised and the teacher satisfied. When Aramiya asks the teacher after class whether it was on purpose after, it turns out she’s also the one in charge of the library and wanted to give a small treat for Ayame’s new lifestyle. Though she also warns them that the other teachers won’t be as forgiving as she is. And in fact, the math teacher pretty much chews her out drill camp style. Aramiya can’t take it anymore and tries to interrupt and distract him – successfully. After class, everyone tells him that they admire his guts and Ayame says her thanks too. In the library again, Tozaki (I think that’s “friend”‘s name) and Aramiya have a small exchange that our protagonist seems to be really into helping Ayame and Aramiya has only the release of “Destiny Knight/Zero” (you may guess what game this is parodying) and his potential discussion about it with Ayame, which he can’t have in case she has to do supplementary classes during the holidays since the game’s released right at the start of ’em, in his mind (this sentence might be hard to understand, bear with me). Anyway, soon Hatsushiba dashes into the library – Ayame’s in trouble. Another of those cases where the two students from way before are trying to coerce some money out of a younger student (see above, still hope I mentioned the first case somewhere) happened. To make matters worse, Aramiya has to run in the corridor to get to Ayame quickly and passes the math teacher. Arriving at the scene, one of the delinquents has a wound on his forehead and Ayame has blood on her hands. While Aramiya fears she could’ve really hit him, we’re gonna make this short: the math teacher from before is called. Sgt. Math then concludes that Ayame did the right thing (surprisingly) and that one of the delinquents simply bashed their head against the wall (blood’s on the wall) to make it look as if he was hit (there’s no blood on Ayame’s knuckles and it’s a weird spot to hit somebody to begin with (forehead)), blood’s on her hand since she asked whether he’s alright (after having bashed his head against the wall) and the guy smeared it on her, hence he drags the two retards to the staff room for consequences, Ayame’s free to go, and Aramiya has to write a paper with the title “Why I Shouldn’t Run in the Corridors.” Hooray. Back to studying.

Once Ayame’s reached a level where an hour of repetition’s enough to keep her on track, Aramiya has yet another revelation. Actually, it’s not so effective if they themselves actively try to clear Ayame’s name, instead they should just commit good deeds and let people themselves rethink their opinion on her – just like it happened with trap boy. And so they go to the staff room to ask teacher cousin (Or was she his sister? No, I think cousin.) for work. After acting sloppy as always, she tells them to go to another teacher who’s apparently not much better than her and postponed cleaning out the storage room for PE stuff long enough that in a few days the contractor will come to get the old stuff, yet they’re still not sorted out. And so they take on that task – they = the whole club, consisting of Aramiya, Ayame, Tozaki, Hatsushiba, and imouto-san (the noisy one). They must do it together since Ayame doing it alone would look like she’s doing robbery or so. The act itself is semi-successful and whilst performing it, Eve comes around to annoy Ayame once more and hit on Aramiya weirdly, the student council president makes an appearance, too, and kindly reminds Aramiya that he still needs a club member and a supervisor or r.i.p. Club. He then gets called out by his cousin teacher who simply tells him how the teaching staff is all surprised about Ayame’s change in attitude and that he seems to be quite eager to get his assigned mission (to “resocialize” Ayame) done. He also tells his cousin that Eve’s the girl that betrayed him in the old days, but even though she’s shocked she can’t do anything about it.

Back home, Aramiya’s lovely sister tells him that he stinks and should go take a bath. Stepping into the bathroom, he notices that someone seems to be in the bathtube and the doors locked too all of a sudden. Out of the bathtube comes… Ayame in bikini, who wants to give him her virginity. Our protagonist is, of course, too distorted a person to take her up on the offer already and tells her to not throw herself away like this – even though he admits the situation’d be a yummy one if it was an eroge. Ayame insists that he’s the only one she’d do this for, but he shoots her down nonetheless, stating that she’s not his “ideal girl” and all, Ayame twists the words into “so it’s fine once I am your ideal girl.” Then his cousin drops in for a visit an spots them both in the bathroom… the end (of this scene).

Back in school, rumors are still going strong. Their wannabe (?) cute teacher asks whether some of the students could volunteer to carry some materials for her, and of course Ayame and company do so. However, Eve drops in halfway to interfere and eventually causes Ayame to stumble and drop the stuff, not intentionally though, and so she runs away. Hatsushiba and Tozaki go ahead while Ayame and Aramiya pick up stuff. Now time for some foreshadowing, a bunch of students are in distress since they can’t open a locker in which important stuff for club activity is. Ayame shows them how to pick the lock and then explains she knows that from prior… incidents, closing with a “tehepero.”

Now everyone gets their tests back and Ayame did actually quite well, which spreads throughout class. Nonetheless, it’s library time and they also offer their volunteer services to the library trap to further improve Ayame’s image – whilst still doubting the trap’s gender. Being done with all their business, Ayame, Aramiya, and his lovely sister are on their way home. And his sister urges him that it’s about time Ayame got a reward for all her accomplishments. Surprisingly, he agrees. And so they enter his room and Aramiya gives her… a brooch. It was part of a collector’s/first press edition of some eroge and is the brooch the main heroine was wearing. While I personally wanted to smash my head against the wall that instant, Ayame is, in fact, very moved by this present and even went as far as to search the internet and internet auctions for said brooch. Well, color me surprised.

After yet another volunteering work, it’s getting obvious that people start to slightly doubt the rumors about Ayame, since she’s such a good, good person and whatnot. And Hatsushiba states, that she’s got a plan. Next day in school, she goes to the teacher’s desk, asks for everyone’s attention and simply starts to list all the rumors and explains away why they’re all false. What a plan! Anyway, it’s showing effect and since the majority of them really were misunderstandings, their class is now more or less cleansed. This doesn’t count for the rest of the school, though. But a good start nonetheless. And so Ayame’s classmates are now not as distant anymore as before.

Next morning. Seeing how all the class is being all normal to Ayame now too, Eve loses it and clings to Aramiya, also mentioning her love letter back in elementary. And Aramiya himself has a slight breakdown hearing that, everything grows distant, he’s shaking, cold sweat runs down his face, he can hardly hear Hatsushiba and Tozaki defending him. But suddenly he feels someone grabbing his hand; it’s Ayame, taking his hand from behind so that no one notices and trying to calm him down, saying that it’ll be alright (great illustration right at this point). In the end, it leads to Aramiya shooting Eve down and telling her that she should get lost once and for all already when she even follows him to a vending machine. Ayame followed them too and overhears that exchange, which makes her very happy as Aramiya also said that even if he’d accept the real world, she stood not so much as a chance, leading Ayame to believe that he’s gotten closer to possibly accept her as his girlfriend even though she’s not 2D.

Contrary to his expectations, Aramiya’s actually met with lots of support instead of disdain, especially by the guys. And now for the finale: Aramiya’s called to clean up the storage for the sport utensils. Even though it seems weird as he only just returned from even that duty, Aramiya tells his classmate to let Ayame and the rest know he’ll be late and steps into the storage. Then he’s tasered and tied up, the door’s getting closed and locked. And who’s the perpetrator? It’s Eve! And now it’s time for Aramiya to lose his virginity to her. Since I kinda forgot the order in which things are stated, I’ll just state what I can recall. She wants to take his virginity to tie their “promise of marriage,” which came to be by her writing the love letter back then and him accepting it by going to that far, far place. She believed it’s necessary to send the one she likes away to make sure of the strength of their feelings and all because a friend of hers told her so. Said friend of hers told her and made her believe many things, such as “gyaru” style being all the rage and that she has to assume it or else Aramiya wouldn’t like her and that it’s necessary to not speak to the one she writes a love letter to for a year (so until after graduation, derp). And another being that 94% of female high school students having lost their virginity already, also that losing her virginity means… errr, well, it was something horribly wrong, can’t quite recall it. Anyway, having had a very hard time in middle school with her getup and all, she just aches for a place to belong and wants her Aramiya back, but that didn’t quite work out as she pictured it to. Though she wasn’t the one who spread the rumors about Ayame, she’s only been so weird since she herself had been subject to rumors like that she’s bitchy and such due to her “gyaru” look, and could never get rid of it, hence transferred schools at such a weird time. Nonetheless, it’s time for Aramiya to lose his virginity, but Ayame comes to his aid and picks the lock to the storage with the brooch she’s gotten from him. She steps up to Eve and… slaps her in the face, telling her to not destroy everything she’s achieved so far, with which she means Aramiya trusting girls some more again. Eve realizes some stuff too and both of them cry. Then some teaching staff comes around which Tozaki went to call and the situation’s done.

In the end, Eve gets a week suspension and after that she comes to school and looks more normal than before, though she still speaks weirdly. When Ayame and co. go to the club room, Eve’s there already, bows and apologizes to them. Soon thereafter, the prez comes around since it’s deadline day. And even if Aramiya’s cousin was to become their supervisor, they still lack one member. Then Eve volunteers all of a sudden and the prez seems to be satisfied if that was the case. After the prez leaves, they have a discussion whether Eve joining in after all the hassle is okay, but they can pursue each other to forgive her for the time being and hence it’s definite. But they now have to show some kind of effort and/or fruit of their club activities, or else the club won’t be for long. Also, since Eve wasn’t the one spreading the rumors, who was the root of all evil? Maybe we’re gonna know – with volume 3.


Volume 2 Cover

I gotta admit, when I bought this volume, my expectations were high. Very high. The first volume was a blast, so reader’s hopes are that it’s either just as good or even better. Nothing more nothing less. The first thing that colored me surprised was the cover (yes, already). “Who’s that ‘gyaru’-like girl next to Ayame?” It wasn’t quite a good omen to me. The second thing was the sudden change in literary style. Not only was the choice of words far easier than before, the sentence structures were simpler too. And the third thing was that this volume lacks one thing the most: a point. Be that all as it may, let’s try to tackle the issue somewhat systematically, as always.

How are the characters? Since most of the “staff” has already been introduced in the first volume, I’ll only talk about what’s different about them compared to the prequel. Alas, Hatsushiba’s become almost uninterested in Aramiya, the protagonist. Although she doesn’t voice it, it doesn’t feel as if she’d like to become close to him. In fact, she’s more of an ally to Ayame and feels almost closer to Tozaki, Aramiya’s friend. Tozaki himself lost a whole lot of color too. He isn’t really scared of Ayame anymore, complains far less, he’s just tagging along – a shadow, basically. If the author hadn’t explained that he’s an otaku too in volume 1, you wouldn’t be able to guess. Ayame’s pretty much the same, still. Yet her original goal – to become Aramiya’s dreamgirl – seems less prominent, somewhat. She’s trying hard to get his attention and to charme him, but funny situations resulting from her trying to mimic some eroge stuff are scarce. Aramiya himself doesn’t seem like an eroge-head anymore either. He’s more driven to smooth Ayame’s life out. As you can see, I personally find the characters in this volume pretty colorless, worse yet they lost color they’ve had before. It relies much more on its plotline. Which leads us to the question…

How’s the plot? The plot revolves almost exclusively around Eve being annoying and everyone trying to clear up Ayame’s name. This volume’s highlights lie within its slice-of-lice scenes, so the filler scenes, if you like. And that’s actually a pretty terrible thing to say, the main plot has no real climax and just goes on and on until you wonder what the point of this volume even was. They don’t find the real culprit, Eve’s just dumb (surprise), and the only real achievement is that they manage to save the club which doesn’t even play an important role at all; the club, that is. It feels like they’re going around doing their good deeds that are hella boring, you are told how people’s opinion starts to change, and on the side there’s Eve somewhere and the club who’s faced with abolishment, but it’s not that important a deal. The first volume was stuffed with events where even I wondered whether it’s okay to put that into something like a romantic-comedy, but this feels just eventless.

How’s the comedy? It’s okay. I don’t really have anything else to add. There were a few laughs in this for me and overall it didn’t feel forced or anything.

If I had to rate this one volume by itself, I’d probably give it a 5. And only since the “filler” scenes were interesting. The whole thing feels like what other authors’d put into a .5 volume. It has little impact and, as stated in the introduction, just feels pointless. You probably wouldn’t miss out on anything if you’d just skip this volume. But usually if you read volume 2 of something, you’ve also read volume 1. And since there are still the same characters that I came to like with the first volume, I didn’t mind reading this one. It does flow nicely, albeit with way too few highlights, and I still gotta commend the author’s ability to foreshadow things without being all too obvious about it (the brooch). I’m giving this volume a 7 even though I know that the whole review totally doesn’t read like a 7. Reason being that it doesn’t (yet) destroy the greatness it built up in volume 1. Compared to its prequel, it’s a disappointment nonetheless.

Considering I bought volume 2 almost immediately after I finished volume 1, I’m pretty reluctant this time around with volume 3. If “the trend is your friend” applies to this series, then I wouldn’t want to read 3, but the only way to find out is to try it, after all.

Rating 7/10


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