Light Novel Review: Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai! Volume 1

Who Would Like this Series/Volume?

It’s not the most light-hearted rom-com you’ll ever read. There’s a few dark things and the whole character set-up is kind of complex. Figuring everything out feels more like a mystery novel in some regards.

For: People who want a more mature and complex rom-com.


There’s lots of figures of speech, the vocabulary’s advanced, lots of slang, lots of otaku terms. It’s not exactly easy, if you just wanna read it like nothing, you should probably be somewhat past JLPT N1 standards. I’ll play it safe and go with 8. There’s harder light novels out there, though. It’s a 7 for the brave.

Difficulty 8/10

Translation Where?

Not that I know of. Maybe there’s a manga adaption, but the series is fairly new, so dunno.

Translation: No for the light novel.


Aramiya Seiichi is an ordinary high school… eroge otaku who’s given up all hope on girls in the 3D world due to a certain incident. One day, after he’s bought a bunch of new material in consequence of experiencing the frustration of a perfect eroge character turning out to be “used goods,” he encounters a delinquent-like-looking girl being about to get raped by a bunch of guys. By mere chance, he rescues her. Days later, when school starts again, it turns out to have been his classmate, Ayame, a feared delinquent girl who’s got all kind of rumors about her – especially that she’s “used goods.” And it appears that she’s set on becoming his ideal girl to make him fall for her.


NOTE: These summaries can never give you an accurate impression on how the book reads or what the book is really like. It simply gives you the gist of the novel, but don’t judge the book by this alone. It can’t be helped that things read rushed and colorless in a summary. You can get an idea by reading the conclusion and, finally, by reading it yourself!

The Whole Damn Thing

The story starts off with our protagonist, Aramiya (that’s his family name but also how most people call him), playing an eroge which has a heroine that comes damn close to his ideal woman. However, it turns out that she apparently is “used goods” – an otaku term to describe a woman that’s had sex before or – if you hardline – a woman who’s had a relationship before. Aramiya’s quite the hardliner and goes hence goes enrange over this “bitch.”

After having destroyed the game thoroughly, he decides to go get a new one. It starts to rain and to avoid getting his precious eroge wet he takes a shortcut. This leads him through a back alley where he hears several voices that seem to belong to men – and a distressed voice that seems to belong to a girl. He looks into their direction and it indeed is a girl being gangupped by several delinquints. She looks quite the delinquent herself though. Aramiya wants to chicken out, all the more since he heard one of ’em screaming that she’s not a virgin anyway, but when one of the guys is about to strip her off her underwear, they notice Aramiya standing there. One of the delinquents starts to pursue him, so he has no choice anymore. Our heroic protagonist does… take his phone out and calls the police, making a detailed report loud and clear. Even the delinquents are dumbfounded by such routine, after all Aramiya is used to be caught up in trouble as an open otaku and seconds later, there’s a siren coming closer. But Aramiya merely used his other phone to play the sound of a siren as loud as possible, the gangsters fall and run for it. The girl, still with her panties down to her ankles, wants to tell him something. But Aramiya doesn’t give two damns about 3D girls; hardliner. He simply… leaves. Although the girl did seem familiar to him. Be that as it may, she’s fairly sure who he is.

After having played eroges all night long. Aramiya’s quite tired when he comes to school. He exchanges a few words with his otaku buddy, Tozaki (family name again), but since the details’d be about eroge, which is a no-go, they leave it for when there’s no one around. When classes are about to start, a girl enters the classroom. It’s the feared, infamous delinquent student, Ayame (family name, blabla). With her long blonde hair, long skirt, chain on the side, piercing glance, yadayada. This time, however, she doesn’t just walk past Aramiya and to her seat, but stops in front of him, blushes ever so slightly and greets him, awkwardly. Being asked what he could’ve done to her, he’s at a loss. Her being a picturebook delinquent aside, there are also rumors that she’s prostituting herself to older men. Oh boy, light novels, Ladies and Gentlemen! Let’s say it’s just rumors, shall we? Before afternoon classes, Tozaki gets captured by Ayame. Later on he only mentions that he wishes Aramiya the best of luck. Ayame herself skips afternoon classes.

The next day. Suspecting nothing, Aramiya arrives in class, shortly after, Ayame enters. Black hair, twintails, orderly uniform. She stops in front of his desk, greets him, and throws the standard tsundere line at him, “I-It’s not that I raik you at all!” (she slips her tongue a bit). Now that’s even more confusing than yesterday’s headlines, so he questions his friend what was going on the day before. Ayame seems to have interrogated him about what kind of things Aramiya likes.

When the two boys want to go and eat during lunch time, Ayame stops Aramiya. She shoos Tozaki away and, in a flustered manner, gives Aramiya a bento and runs off. And so, he starts to think that Ayame might’ve been the girl he “saved” (not really) last Sunday. He proceeds to eat the bento on his own. It’s great, by the way. But Ayame skips afternoon classes again. When afternoon classes are over, however, Ayame’s back, grabs Aramiya, and drags him behind a school building. He’s sure to receive a beating now. Instead, Aramiya wants him to go out with her. Or she wants to go out with him, I dunno. After all, she really was the girl he… “saved,” and she’s fallen for him – or so it seems. And he… turns her down. When she asks why, he tells her flat-out that he’s got no interest into 3D girls but only eroge heroines. Now she’s giving up, you might think. But in return, she declares that she’ll just have to become the kind of girl he desires.

Being more or less woken by his little sister, Kiyomi, the next day, who’s basically disgusted by him being an otaku, and he’s disgusted by her being a “bitch.” At school, Ayame goes up to him and wants to ask him something about an eroge character. He drags her out of the classroom as quickly as possible and tells her that’s a no-no to talk about in front of other people. She seems to really have played a “beginner” eroge, earnestly. For one, to get to know what kind of girl he likes and second, she seems to honestly like the story and stuff.

Back in class, rumors start that they’re going out (of course they do). Anyway, he denies it all.

During lunch, Ayame wants to ask Aramiya something, so they head to some club whose name I’ve forgotten but is basically just an excuse for him to be able to play eroges at school. “Modern Games Research Club” or so. She gives him another bento (oishii desu) and asks for eroge recommendations. He doesn’t really want to hold her back if she’s also really getting interested in his passion and doesn’t mind having another “ally,” hence he tells her a bunch of games. And we get a lecture on “illegal copies are bad, mkay.” That made my head hurt when reading. Especially since he even cries about “borrowing games is bad too, mkay.” Ugh. Ayame states that she probably won’t be able to buy them all, but she was planning on getting some money that day, anyway. From an “old man.”

An announcement is made over the speaker system. He has to get to the staff room. In there’s his cousin, who’s also a teacher at school (female) – the lax type of teacher. They’ve noticed that Ayame seems easier to handle now and they want him to keep doing his thing and turn her into a, well, somewhat normal student at least. And if he refuses, the speaker system might announce his hobby throughout school. Such scary. However, his cousin also worries about him and tells him to keep his GPS set to on. Ayame does stay throughout afternoon classes after all, since she wants to be with Aramiya a bit longer. Awww.

After school, she wants to go home with him. On their way out, they notice that a few upperclassmen are threatening a younger student to give them their money. Politely like “c’mon, lend us some.” Such nice guys. Ayame doesn’t think so, though, and threatens to beat the shit out of them if they don’t leave. When she’s about to land a punch, Aramiya grabs and holds her back. And so the upperclassmen flee and he gets to grab some boobies. Blush, sorry, I don’t mind if it’s you… etc.

Dunno if it’s relevant, but Ayame also tried to use polite speech for a while, since most characters in eroge do, but he tells her that he thinks her usual way to speak suits her better and so he likes it better.

In the meantime there’s rumors that he raped Ayame in the school entrance. Yep.

On his way home from part-time, he sees her in the shopping street walking with an older guy. All these one-liners in the summary, jeez.

Next morning, when he’s about to go to school, his mum calls out that he’s got a guest. It’s Ayame. She came to pick him up and his whole family loses their minds over the otaku being picked up by a girl, a cute one to boot. As he can’t get them to shut up, he leaves with her in a hurry.

In school, he gets handed an eroge by his friend, ’cause it’s out of production and not for sale anywhere (rolleyes), and a new heroine takes the stage, Yuuka (first name this time, yeah). She’s a voice actress and everyone’s all over her. Aramiya doesn’t care since she’s 3D, though. However, she winks at him. Uuuh.

After music classes, which he has together with Yuuka while the other two relevant characters have art classes, Yuuka comes to ask him whether he really is together with Ayame. He denies and it turns out that she’s been in elementary with her and his friend (screw names) and something seems to have happened to her which first made her just sad and then violent. All Aramiya knows from Ayame is that her parents are divorced. He refuses to answer the question what he’s doing to get Ayame so meek, though. Eroge and stuff. Back in the classroom, everyone writes him their dearest death wishes since the voice actress seemed so happy having talked to him.

As soon as it’s lunch break, he hurries to his club room to escape the piercing glances of his (male (and maybe female?)) classmates. Soon, Ayame knocks meekly and he tells her to come in. She seems to be relieved that he only talked to Yuuka, but he once again emphasizes that he’s not interested in the 3D world. It’s bento time again. This time, though, she wants to feed him. After some dokidoki moments and one successful feeding, he tells her to cut it off since it’s stuff lovers would do. She asks him in a heartbroken manner to eat the bento anyway, since she made it for his sake, after all. Now he feels bad and offers her to come with him to his house that day, since he wants to show her something good.

I’ll throw this in now since I’ve forgotten where exactly it was stated. The solution to whom that guy in the suit with her was is simple: it was her old man, literally. Namely, her father. Since her parents are divorced, he gets to see her now and then, and he usually gives her a bunch of pocket money. They’d been on the way to the parking lot back then. Her big sister (if I remember correctly) lives with him, she with her mother.

Anyway, they’re on the way to his house but drop by by her apartment since she wants to change. Shortly after, they move on. But while there’d been a bunch of people gossipping about her on the way already (look at her now, etc.), the gangsters appear from a back alley. They surround our two main characters and recognizing Aramiya, are about to beat them up. He’s faster to call the police (again) though. And makes a few snapshots of the surrounding delinquents. Good job. Case solved.

Finally at his house, he leads Ayame into his room (dokidoki), gets the two of them something to drink, boots the computer, and starts a recently-released eroge. She loses it laughing as she (she doesn’t say it) was pretty sure he wanted to pop her cherry – and seemingly she was prepared for it (lucky underwear, check) (note: implying there’s still a cherry to pop, this novel’s called chuuko). Anyway, she starts playing it, he turns around so she isn’t embarrassed doing so and plays the one he’s borrowed earlier on his notebook.

A while later, she has a question since she’s stuck on a route. Problem is: the choice she has to make is to cum inside instead of outside to progress on the route (I’ve never played something where that matters, though). With that as the reason, she’s going wild now: Cumming inside’s dangerous! And to begin with, why’s nobody using protection?! Why’s everyone a virgin?! The latter’s kinda important, I guess, and she even asks what his opinion on that is. He tells her that he likes virgins better (understatement). But she seems to be quite okay with that (oh?). Soon his bitch imouto (his words) barges in on them and throws a tantrum since the girl her crappy otaku-something brought home’s the legendary delinquent Ayame who looks stunning to top it off. He manages to pushes her out of the room by slight force.

The next day he meets Ayame on a fork in the road since she went out of her way to walk into the opposite direction to pick him up the other day and his family’s a nuisance anyway. She herself insisted on going to school together somehow, by the way. Yuuka sees them together in front of the school and doesn’t seem too happy about it. In class, he finds a letter in his desk. He quickly slips it into his pocket, runs to the bathroom, and reads it. It’s seemingly a love letter by Yuuka, who wants him to come to an empty classroom after school.

Hence he heads there after school and Yuuka’s really there. Furthermore, she really does confess to him. He can’t come out with his eroge stuff since she’s popular and could leak it to… then she tells him she knows about his eroge love. Derp. Anyway, she’s been in love with him for a while and his friend leaked that information to her. Damn this guy! However, now he can just tell her how it is. She declares that she won’t give up, though. Harem count: 2.

He decides to meet up with his friend to discuss the matter. And there really was a case where he brought an eroge to school, stumbled, fell, let the eroge fall, and it slipped out of the paperbag in front of her feet. She, however, didn’t mind too much back then and just asked him whether Aramiya likes the same stuff. He’s quite the traitor, this guy. Anyway, they both deduct that there’s nothing Aramiya’s done and that he hasn’t got the looks to make her fall for him. I’ll skip on all the bad-mouthing Aramiya’s being dealt as he’s been confessed to by the class/school idol. A bunch of more hints on how everything comes together come, but let’s try to keep this below 10 pages, so: there’s been rumors she’s “used goods” since elementary (lulz), she has had a boyfriend (all rumors), she, Hatsushiba, badguy, and friend been together in elementary.

Next scene he asks his little sister how he should break up with them or rather turn them down. Not the very best idea.

Next monday morning, he meets up with Ayame as (now) usual, and this time she insists to tug along on his sleeve since she’s been so worried when he sent her home ahead of him the day Hatsushiba confessed to him, which she still doesn’t know, of course. Anyway, Hatsushiba discovers them on the way, she tells her about the confession, he tells her about turning it down, they both tug on the sleeve, rom-com situation.

Since his classmates aren’t all too amused that he’s seemingly hogging Hatsushiba too, he decides to go to classes just in time. Later comes a note from Hatsushiba that she’s sorry about the mess she’s caused and that she explained it to everyone. Current class is over and it’s time for music classes, Hatsushiba invites him very lovey-dovey to go there and… he turns her offer down. Everyone’s in a ruckus now since they thought Hatsushiba and him were a pair. Well explained, I guess.

Thereafter he discusses with his friend on some rarely-taken stairs how he could turn Hatsushiba down. Although they can’t come up with anything that wouldn’t make her wanna blow his hobby, soon Ayame comes to visit him and give him some banana juice to say sorry for causing him all the trouble.

Lunch time. Though this day Hatsushiba comes with a self-made bento to him. As Ayame seems lonely, Aramiya demands that she’s to join in as well then. Aaand he ends up having to eat two whole bentos aaand ends up in the school infirmary. Before long, his cousin, and Ayame and Hatsushiba visit him in turns. Though Hatsushiba has to leave for work soon, there’s a nice tummyrub scene with Ayame.

Aramiya feels able to go to part-time and after he’s done, he sees badguy with Hatsushiba while she doesn’t make the most pleasant face talking to him. However, she doesn’t tell him much what this all was about. He then decides to go buy another eroge where he meets Ayame doing the same (hehe).

In school, Aramiya tries to relax by the stairs, when Hatsushiba comes around and makes another move on him. She gets him to admit that he’s been asked to look after Ayame. He decides to push it and asks her if it’s okay for him to kiss her. Just as thought, she refuses just before it happens. However, Ayame saw them. And she runs for it. And he runs for her.

He finds her at the place she confessed to him and explains what he was doing. In the end, he receives a slap in the face for it and they talk about why Hatsushiba would confess to him. Ayame tells him she herself claimed to be a father-con back in elementary or so.

At part-time, he’s visited by Ayame. She picks on him a bit and then spots a kid trying to shoplift. Atta girl. After work, the two of them talk about why he likes eroge so much… Ugh, okay here I go: He received a loveletter from a girl in elementary, she wants to meet him way outside school, he drives there, waits, no one comes, wants to go back, no more trains, wanders around aimlessly, it’s winter, sleeps on bench, catches pneumonia, comes back to school, everyone loves at him. And that happens a few times over since he was still young and naive. And then he started to distrust the 3D world. Ayame hugs him out of compassion and then tells him why she’d become a delinquent. Her parents divorced, she felt lonely since her mum was never around once she came back from school, she started doing bad things, which led to her mum being called to school so she could meet her. That continued until one day she decided to go shoplifting and checked out a store in preparation. However, that didn’t happen since her mum collapsed from overwork which led to her father giving them more support so that it was more relaxing now. She wanted to turn her back on the delinquent way of life, but the people wouldn’t let her anymore since her image was set, she was kinda stuck doing it and alone. But then hero comes and saves her from thugs, and she fell for him (protagonist). Such a good mood. But then badguy comes around to nag them. He announces that he wants to screw with her and they’d done it already anyway, she denies it all. And then he just leaves.

At school he wants to relax at “his” club room, but on the way a few people surround Hatsushiba ’cause they think she snapped a boyfriend from someone. Aramiya calls his cousin teacher to save her and Hatsushiba notices that he did that. He wants to ask her some things, so they go to the club room. Let’s keep it at that, all the details are tiring me, to be honest. I’ll spoil you the big picture at the end.

As Ayame was missing from school, he thinks it’s due to what happened the day before so he goes to visit her. Her mum answers the door, Ayame appears soon after, and it turns out her mum’s health isn’t so well again, so she decided to look after her. And there’s also a pretty damn hilarious scene I totally didn’t see coming. But I won’t spoil that. Ha.

Back at home he gets a call from Hatsushiba, she wants to meet him to tell him something. Now. At a distant place. Alone. Huehuehue. And so he goes there. Huehuehue.

They meet at night in a park, he tells her that he thinks badguy spread all the bad rumors about Ayame. Hatsushiba’s surprised. Even more surprised is Aramiya when the badguy with company comes out of the bushes and bang something on his head.

He awakes in some forsaken building, chained to a chair. Hatsushiba’s standing in a corner, looking not all too happy, the bad guys stand around. They took him to lure out Ayame, who appears before long. She tries to beat the bad guys up, but badguy beats Aramiya for every bad thing she does. And so they hold her down and start to strip her by badguy’s order. Meanwhile he watches the spectacle and orders Hatsushiba to fasten the rope that ties Aramiya. He then talks sense into her to rather unfasten him and after she did that, he starts his big distraction move and tries to talk them silly to buy time. He manages to land blow on badguy, gets beaten up in return, Ayame manages to free herself, beats everyone up a bit more, badguy draws a knife, and finally police raids the whole shit, end of drama.

Hatsushiba’s terribly sorry about what she did and is forgiven but doesn’t really forgive herself. She miraculously manages to avoid jail because no one said she was an accomplice – not even bad guy. And all Aramiya wants is that the two girls are friends again and that the rumors about Ayame stop. Later in school they decide to form a club for clearing up her reputation. The end.

From here on I’ll explain the big idea. Hatsushiba, Ayame, and friend have been together in elementary. Hatsushiba, Ayame, friend, and badguy have been in the same middle school, since badguy was in a private school. Badguy’s dad is a big shot at some company, Hatsushiba’s dad is an underling of badguy’s dad. Their father, of course, know each other, and badguy and Hatsushiba are childhood “friends.” He threatened her to do what he says or his father’ll kick her fathers ass. This also included seducing Aramiya at school and spreading bad rumors about Ayame. Friend was the one who named Ayame “used goods” back in elementary, not because she was “used goods” but because her father’s surname’s last kanji and her first name’s first kanji form that word. Since badguy’s father is a big shot, he only joined a public school from middle school on. He couldn’t pass the high school entry test though, so he couldn’t go to the same school then. He’s in love with Ayame, she’s not in love with him though. And so he spread or let spread rumors about her to keep other guys from her. He also drugged her with sleeping pills in middle school (if I remember correctly) and tried to rape her, but it’s likely he couldn’t do it for some reason (it’s suggested that he’s not very potent). Furthermore, he’s a closet otaku which shows since he knows every single otaku term that Aramiya throws at him now and then. He’s also a guy who loves to boast about stuff he doesn’t actually do, friend saw him just meekly buy stuff when he boasted about shoplifting all the time, etc. Ayame was never together with him and didn’t prostitute herself or anything, she is, however, furious about the sleeping pills thing (orly) and insecure about what really happened. I think that’s the gist of it.


Volume 1 Cover

Let’s start with the bad things. There are three points about this novel that I didn’t like. 1) The bad stuff that is going on in this is basically rape or attempted rape. It’s treated like nothing, really. “I’m really upset, but it’s not that bad a thing.” That kind of feeling. The bad guy should’ve been reported to the police a looong time ago. I really don’t like this half-assed behavior related to the incident at hand. 2) The stuff that’s going on is almost a tad too dark for a rom-com. I don’t like these heavy topics to begin with and although the story’s very exciting to read, a bunch of situations are hard to stomach. 3) Towards the latter half of the volume, the author shifts his focus from “interactions between characters” to “diving into the characters’ history.” Since the character interactions were hilarious to read, it lost a bit charm by doing that in my opinion. Lots of talk towards the latter half is like “So what kind of relationship do X and Y have?”

Now that that’s outta the way, let’s get to the good part. As you might’ve noticed, this novel’s complex. Like, really complex. Usually, rom-coms are a pun feast with lots of blush inducing situations, but oh so flat characters. I can tell you that everyone of the characters introduced in this story has rarely-seen-before depth. They’ve got reasons for doing what they do and the various threads that connect them are thick. Everyone’s got history with one another and what kind of picture this history draws is pretty vague. Figuring the big picture out is like a mystery novel, there are several clues among the story, so you gotta stay sharp while you read it. If you’re not it’ll be laid out before you in the end, though. So all good.

The characters are great and easy to tell apart. I’ve read stories where I had problems telling who’s who that’s just how plain they were. But not in this case. Their characters diverge in many aspects and it’s interesting to see them duking it out with one another. Although it turns into a police interrogation story towards the end (see 3), it’s not so bad since you really wanna know whether the heroine’s a whore or not.

There’s a bunch of good comedy in this too, but comedy’s not the biggest part of it. It’s more rom/drama if you ask me. But although the drama’s topic is pretty dark, it never gives off the vibes that something really bad’s going on. There’s always a “oh well” floating around in the subtext. It feels a bit weird but makes the heavy subject less repulsive, I guess. The author never gives you the feeling that it all might end bad. Like I stated under 1, it feels kind of weird at some points, to be honest.

All in all, you won’t ever understand the beauty of this novel if you haven’t read it yourself. So either you gotta wait and pray for a translation (has to be fan-made since there’s so much hardly-translatable stuff in this that no company would ever consider touching it), or read the summary and hardly understand why it’s great to read. If I wanted to summarize it properly, it’d probably be about 20 pages. There’s just too much important stuff going on. The above-mentioned weak points draw it “down” to an eight. I sure am eager to read volume 2, I’m really curious how the author keeps the suspense up and the story interesting since basically everything has been resolved in volume 1 already. No cliffhangers. Not really any questions left.

Rating 8/10


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