Kusoge Online (BETA) – Volume 3

NOTE: This is a ‘whole volume’ release. All comments from prior partial release posts have been moved here, all partial releases have been deleted. This allows for easier management and fixing.

Volume 3 Cover

Merry Christmas, everyone!

And here it is, the entirety of volume 3. This includes the epilogue and the small extra chapter at the very end of volume 3.

Regarding categorization there’s something new: I’ve decided to delete all partial releases upon reaching the whole volume release, since I won’t bother updating every partial release in case something changes which already happened a few times over and quite frankly, I don’t see the point in keeping them. With this, there’s no Kusoge spam in the the database either, so you’re more likely to get relevant search results if you use the search function.

I’m also gonna move all comments on relevant partial release posts to their respective volume release post and archive whatever I’ve written on partial releases. In case that sounds confusing, just check out the posts for volume 1 and volume 2 and you’ll get the idea.

With all that said, I don’t really have time to move stuff right now, all I’m gonna do is give you volume 3 and clean up at a later point.

Regarding volume 4, the author seems to be writing it currently, this tweet confirms that MF Bunko J greenlit it, so it’s just taking them forever.

So we’ve caught up with Japan in this regard, they dunno more about this series than you do.

And I’ve run out of stuff to translate, I might have another surprise release for you guys one of these days – I’ll leave it at “might” since I’ve no idea whether I can actually see it through or not. ¯\_( ´∀`)_/¯ On top of that I do still have volume 1 of Kusoge‘s manga adaption lying around here. Is there a translation yet? I might put a script out there, but it’s a pain in the ass to work with hardcopies and I‘ve little experience with translating manga. Point is, if I do it, it’ll be nothing but a script, someone else would’ve got to put the text into the speech bubbles.

That’s all from me for now, hope you‘ve been enjoying the buggy ride so far; leave a comment if you like!

EDIT: Comments have been moved, posts have been merged and partial releases deleted. No more fragmentation, yay!

Volume 3


Illusrations Release Post

When I first started translating this volume, I didn’t have the means to get the illustrations, so I’m catching up on it now.

As always, the color illustrations have hardly anything to do with what happens in the volume at all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This time, however, there’s one that makes me wonder how this stuff doesn’t get an R18.

Oh well, T H I C C.

What’s that shadow on the blanket, tho? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chapter 1 Release Post

Part 1 Post
Finally! Volume 3! So this is how the translation will (probably) go:

  • I expect volume 4 (if there’ll be one) to be released in about four months from now on, so my pace will be roughly 10 pages per week.
  • There’ll be a 10-20 pages release every 1-2 weeks.
  • For now, no illustrations. I’ll add those once I got a digital copy.
  • I’ll release in parts, since the whole volume consists of only three chapters again, so roughly 80 pages per chapter.
  • Every part will get its own post.


That’s it regarding Kusoge in specific. There’ll also be changes in how I categorize translations in general:

  • Completed releases will be categorized under “Completed” (d’oh)
  • Teasers/parts will be categorized under “Teasers” (d’oh)
  • Once I get a meta release done, all minor releases will be stripped off of their categorization. Example: Kusoge volume 2 gets released as a whole -> all full chapter releases will be stripped off of all of their categories.

This will help keeping the categories “clean.” However, it’ll still be very messy once you use the search engine to look up “Kusoge.” I’d rather delete the whole post and only have it as a redirect to the “meta” page, but I’ve no idea how. I can’t simply delete the post since that’d be problematic with linking/indexing. Lemme know if you’ve got a solution for that.

There’ll also be an e-mail subscription feature of some kind in the feature, I’ll look into that on the weekend.


This week’s release will be a bit larger (20 pages) since I was too lazy to release last week for some reason (I did translate, however!). And yes, I do know that for some reason there’s an empty page every second page, and I’ve no idea why. It seems to happen once I convert the doc into PDF. That worked fine until now and the page count on the bottom’s correct too. I guess it’s a bug with Google Docs. Well, it won’t kill you and I don’t wanna postpone the release any further. ;D

Now have fun reading and leave a comment if you like!

Important: If you’re coming from Baka-Tsuki, there might be more parts for you to read! I haven’t figured out a good method to update BT in that regard, so I might not update before the whole chapter’s done. Please just use the search function on my site to get to those.


Part 2 Post
I’m not dead! Just barely, though. I’ve fallen sick followed by some sewere back pain for which the doc prescribed not sitting on my ass or straining my back as much as possible; and since I tend to sit on my ass when I translate… welp, you get the idea.

Anyway, here’s more than 20 new pages of Kusoge. Although the file name says part 2, it also includes part 1. This is an exception since I added the illustrations which I didn’t have at hand before. Part 3 will not include prior parts, but only a small excerpt from part 2 so that you know where you left off.

Thankfully, there’s no empty pages in between this time – and I literally changed nothing, so it fixed itself!

Also: Funny how I grow most followers when I’m out sick. XD

Now have fun reading and leave a comment if you like!


Part 3 Post
In case you’re not following me on Twitter and have been wondering where I’ve been: I had water damage in my appartment during summer and fun with all the timeconsuming mold fallout that these kinda things bring about; sucked the life outta me. But it wasn’t the hurricane sorta water damage, so at least my stuff’s not drifting around in the ocean. Anyway, it’s all been taken of, I could recharge my batteries, and now I’m back in otaku business.

So how far are we behind? One volume? Two volumes? Six volumes, two anime seasons, and three spin-offs about pimp Alice forcing Azrael and Lizna to make some paper on the streets to cover server costs? Not at all! Apparently, volume 4 isn’t out in Japan yet – nor has it even been announced.

Since quite some time has passed since volume 3 has been released, you might be worried that the series has been cancelled, but I’ve some good news for you there: Neither volume 3’s storyline, nor the author’s afterword or the Amazon reviews suggest anything like that.

For me, personally, that means I’ve at least 6 more weeks until I can even get to work on a potential volume 4 translation. Since I’m roundabout 80% done with volume 3 and there’s nothing to catch up to, I’ll keep the same release schedule from before. Which means that, alas, no huge release or anything, but on the bright side, you’ll have all of volume 3 by the time volume 4’s available.

Not having anything to catch up to also means that I’ve time for something else, which I’ve decided to be more reviews (love to write those).

Regarding the Kusoge translation itself, a few minor things have changed. ‘Seek the Brilliance of the Stars’ is now ‘Pursue the Brilliance of the Stars,’ just for style points. The teleport square is now called Teleport Plaza. The public square and Teleport Plaza might be the same locations, but I’m not entirely sure, I simply went with whatever the author used, there might be a lack of consistency here. I might also write a T/L note post about all that gamemaster/administrator/developer chaos.

Finally, lemme give you a small teaser: I’ve read through it already and I can tell you, volume 3’s great!

And that’s all I had to say! Have fun reading and leave a comment if you like!

EDIT: Where did “The Junk! Kuso Game Online” come from? That title translation sounds horribad. :S


Part 4 Post
Bad news, there’s still nothing out there about volume 4 (if there’s gonna be a volume 4, in the first place). I checked Amazon, MF Bunko J’s site, the Kusoge site, but no announcement or anything. Maybe there is intel about it somewhere and I just lack the insight. In any case, this means no volume 4 for at least two months (digital release one month after paperbook).

In kusoge-unrelated news, Nioh is a pretty sweet Dark Souls-inspired game that I’d recommend trying if you liked the Souls games. It’s situated in Japan and gives you lots of stuff to do, and has a refreshingly complex fighting system. The port is alright. It’s not great (connectivity and LoD issues, micro stuttering even with constant 60 FPS and FPS lock (30/60)), but it’s certainly not as terrible as most console ports (decent performance, hardly any crashes, all DLCs ‘n stuff already included). Oh, there’s no keyboard and mouse support, but I wouldn’t use that for games like these anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Back to Kusoge: This partial release concludes chapter 1 of volume 3. That doesn’t sound like much, but we’re well close to the 66% mark already. After all, the translation of chapter 1 added up to a 105 pages in total! I decided to make this last part 36 pages big and not drag it out any longer.

Chapter 2 will be roundabout 40 pages and split into 2 releases, chapter 3 will be one release, as will be the epilogue and extra chapter. I’d like to have it all out there before or on Christmas, but no promises – Santa’s pissed ‘cuase you all been naughty all year round. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A combined release of all of chapter 1’s partial releases will be out soon.™ No changes or anything, it’s just for those who like it better in one, big PDF.

Now I’m gonna get back to catchin’ all dem Pokémon, you guys have fun reading!


Part 5 Post
Sheesh, I totally forgot to upload this.

Well, this is just the all-in-one file for chapter 1, no changes (if I recall correctly).


I need a few more lines

or the post won’t

align nicely.

Such a

pain in the ass.

There we go! Have fun reading if you haven’t already! Chapter 2 in a few minutes!

EDIT: In case the link is crossed out on your end too: I’ve no idea why, but it works anyway.

EDIT2: I also experimented with moving comments of partial release posts to this batch post, hopefully nothing got lost.

Chapter 2 Release Post

Hello there, my dudes.

You might be able to guess it, but volume 4 still hasn’t been announced and I’ve decided to throw the rest of volume 3 at you over the course of next week. So hopefully we got the entire volume PDF out on Christmas Eve.

That also means that I won’t be splitting the remaining chapters into parts like I use to.

Well then, enjoy your 50-ish pages of kusoge-ism and leave a comment if you like!

Chapter 3 Release Post

And here’s the next installment of Kusoge!

I found this chapter to be unexpectedly touching considering the usual developments in this series.

Additionally, I want you to know that I was able to finalize the translation during the weekend and we’re all set for a complete volume release on Christmas Eve!

Man, all these lines I gotta fill for my blog layout to align properly.

One More?

And done!

So long, have fun reading and leave a comment if you like!

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  1. By the way, have you recovered from your sickness and back pain? If you had not then I hope you get well soon.

    On another note, what is the current status of the translation for Kusoge Online (BETA)? After all, it had been almost 3 months since your last update. Anyway, I look forward to reading the future translations for Kusoge Online (BETA) as your translations for it are excellent.

  2. Oh my god, what the heck, get out of here! A chapter which is somewhat sane!

    Quick, we need Azazel to make a mistake or we won’t have enough to meet her usual quota.

    • I guess the emphasis here is on “somewhat,” lol.

      1) Sasaraki staring down his own, well, “daughter”
      2) Kirine being as full of life (or booze) as ever
      3) Azrael wanting to drink Sasaraki’s… milk

      I guess Azrael not being batshit crazy makes it sane? =D

      But, man, it broke my heart when they told Kisara her shitty, long-ass name XD

  3. btw, why do you have to make each part/chapter into pdf tho.. just put directly in your site, maybe make another exclusive page for pdf..
    that way you’ll have more readers / feedbacks

    • You’re welcome, emoji guy. ;P

      ‘Cause there are sites out there who crawl translations like mine, put them on their own site, and charge money for and/or make revenue through with ads off of them. A secured PDF is just my way of trying to protect my own “work.”

      If that’s too high a hurdle for potential readers… well, can’t be everyone’s darling ;P

      • I’m just glad that I get to continue using a PDF Reader that I found a long time ago. Sumatra PDF. It might not look like much, but it’s low resource, works quickly, and looks clean. Best of all, it’s free. With all of those good points, I experience a rush of happiness every time I come across a PDF to open.

  4. Between the two remaining candidates, I think either would work due to vast amounts of gullibility.

    I really like how they think that the newcomer has totally lost it though.

    • I like how they think being insane is an upside. :> Guess it’s more fun to die through a buggy game if your captain’s just as crazy as the game.

  5. Thanks for your hard work and thanks bringing this wonderful novel to english so that we can read this!,

    BTW, can i make a epub file?, i’m not fan of pdf so i always read it using epub.

    • Thanks for reading! I understand and share your opinion, I prefer ePUB over other formats, too.

      However, I‘m not using PDF ‘cause I like it, I‘m using it since other sites ripped my translations and made a profit off of them. PDF is my last resort avoiding to quit doing this out of the frustration that some assholes steal my free service to enrich themselves.

      That also means I prefer having full control myself, so if there‘ll be an ePUB version, I‘d do it myself. That, however, requires me to get familiar with the format‘s possibilities and all dem “hows.“ That might or might not happen in the future.

      tl;dr: I‘d rather have things stay the way they are – at least for the time being

  6. Yo, if you want to put the translation on the manga, how about contacting me in novelupdates? My id there is Ai chan (not Ai-chan). As for why I’m doing it, it’s because this story is fun. Let’s do a collab if you haven’t found anyone yet.

    • Yeah, I kinda have too much stuff to do these days to wrap my head around something I haven’t done before, but I’ll let you know if the times comes.

  7. Thanks for the amazing work translating the book.

    Found a small typo:
    Pg 82: “Something granular was liking” -> “was licking”


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