Kusoge Online (BETA) – Volume 3 – Chapter 1 – Part 3 (Teaser)

NOTE: Incomplete translations are marked as “teaser.” Complete translations aren’t. If I feel like it, I’ll further the translation. If I don’t, I won’t. Hence, “whimsical.” Stuff may be dropped or continued, or both, or alternately, at any second without notice.

Volume 3 Cover

In case you’re not following me on Twitter and have been wondering where I’ve been: I had water damage in my appartment during summer and fun with all the timeconsuming mold fallout that these kinda things bring about; sucked the life outta me. But it wasn’t the hurricane sorta water damage, so at least my stuff’s not drifting around in the ocean. Anyway, it’s all been taken of, I could recharge my batteries, and now I’m back in otaku business.

So how far are we behind? One volume? Two volumes? Six volumes, two anime seasons, and three spin-offs about pimp Alice forcing Azrael and Lizna to make some paper on the streets to cover server costs? Not at all! Apparently, volume 4 isn’t out in Japan yet – nor has it even been announced.

Since quite some time has passed since volume 3 has been released, you might be worried that the series has been cancelled, but I’ve some good news for you there: Neither volume 3’s storyline, nor the author’s afterword or the Amazon reviews suggest anything like that.

For me, personally, that means I’ve at least 6 more weeks until I can even get to work on a potential volume 4 translation. Since I’m roundabout 80% done with volume 3 and there’s nothing to catch up to, I’ll keep the same release schedule from before. Which means that, alas, no huge release or anything, but on the bright side, you’ll have all of volume 3 by the time volume 4’s available.

Not having anything to catch up to also means that I’ve time for something else, which I’ve decided to be more reviews (love to write those).

Regarding the Kusoge translation itself, a few minor things have changed. ‘Seek the Brilliance of the Stars’ is now ‘Pursue the Brilliance of the Stars,’ just for style points. The teleport square is now called Teleport Plaza. The public square and Teleport Plaza might be the same locations, but I’m not entirely sure, I simply went with whatever the author used, there might be a lack of consistency here. I might also write a T/L note post about all that gamemaster/administrator/developer chaos.

Finally, lemme give you a small teaser: I’ve read through it already and I can tell you, volume 3’s great!

And that’s all I had to say! Have fun reading and leave a comment if you like!

EDIT: Where did “The Junk! Kuso Game Online” come from? That title translation sounds horribad. :S

Chapter 1 – Part 3 (Teaser)

7 thoughts on “Kusoge Online (BETA) – Volume 3 – Chapter 1 – Part 3 (Teaser)

  1. Oh my god, what the heck, get out of here! A chapter which is somewhat sane!

    Quick, we need Azazel to make a mistake or we won’t have enough to meet her usual quota.

    • I guess the emphasis here is on “somewhat,” lol.

      1) Sasaraki staring down his own, well, “daughter”
      2) Kirine being as full of life (or booze) as ever
      3) Azrael wanting to drink Sasaraki’s… milk

      I guess Azrael not being batshit crazy makes it sane? =D

      But, man, it broke my heart when they told Kisara her shitty, long-ass name XD

  2. 🐭🐮🐯🐰🐲🐍🐴🐑🐵🐥🐶🐗

    thanks for the translation… suck his milk.. ( ͡° ͜・・ ͡° )

  3. btw, why do you have to make each part/chapter into pdf tho.. just put directly in your site, maybe make another exclusive page for pdf..
    that way you’ll have more readers / feedbacks

    • You’re welcome, emoji guy. ;P

      ‘Cause there are sites out there who crawl translations like mine, put them on their own site, and charge money for and/or make revenue through with ads off of them. A secured PDF is just my way of trying to protect my own “work.”

      If that’s too high a hurdle for potential readers… well, can’t be everyone’s darling ;P

      • I’m just glad that I get to continue using a PDF Reader that I found a long time ago. Sumatra PDF. It might not look like much, but it’s low resource, works quickly, and looks clean. Best of all, it’s free. With all of those good points, I experience a rush of happiness every time I come across a PDF to open.

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