Kusoge Online (BETA) – Volume 2

NOTE: This is a ‘whole volume’ release. All comments from prior partial release posts have been moved here, all partial releases have been deleted. This allows for easier management and fixing.

Volume 2 Cover

And we have another whole volume release, which makes it two completed volumes aaand we’ve (more or less) caught up with the series. Yeahyeahyeah, volume 3’s out and all, but barely, so I’ll just overlook that fact. Below you can find the whole list of with separate chapters for you to download, including volume 2 as a whole and the tiny extra chapter. Next will be volume 3! And a bunch of new things regarding categorization and notification.

Actually, I’ve something I’m trying to do and maybe one of you has the answer: I got the soundtrack of Pokemon Sun/Moon and really like it. Problem: The tracks last for roughly two minutes each. That’s not all too long and I’d like to loop them into, like, 8 minutes, so basically like how they are in the game (endless loops). However, they don’t start and end in a perfect loop. There’s a small intro, then about two loops, and then it fades out. So what I would have to do is isolate the loops and then copypaste them in a perfect manner that’d lead into an endless loop. I tried with Audacity, but it didn’t go well. Any suggestions?

Well, that’s it with the off-topic. Have fun reading and leave a comment if you like!

Volume 2


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60 thoughts on “Kusoge Online (BETA) – Volume 2

      • I actually kinda like Fury. As a yandere/sociopath. =D Maybe if she gets a body that’s taller than my hand, else she’s only material for the weeeirdest doujinshis.

        This is one of the few series where I’m actually looking forward to if and what kind of characters the author will introduce in future volumes. Though we will get new characters in this volume already, sorta (I already read it, of course =D). There’s best girl material in there too. I won’t spoiler any further. 😛

      • Yeah that girl.
        Oh and what do you think about some priest girl in manga ch 4 and her illustration in novel vol 2 afterword with fury?

      • I skimmed through the manga chapter and afterword since I had no clue which priest you meant (I don’t read afterwords =D), seems like she’s a manga-exclusive character so far.

        The manga’s pretty ecchi, isn’t it? Lots of boobies ‘n stuff, not very faithful to the novel. Priest girl would be nice to have as a side gag in the novel too, but as part of the gang? I dunno lol

      • Well i just think that girl is nice for comedic purpose, since she is nosebleed(and pervent?) onee-san type who got nosebleeded and banned after watching some oppai(because she is yuri?).

        Just hope that there will be more characters to join Sasaraki since some position still vacant.

      • Yeah the manga is so ecchi. It feels so ecchi because you can see directly with picture (like Alice’s naked appearance, etc) and it have some ecchi moments about teleport bug (lots of boobies only in this case, yet).

      • Then I got the wrong impression since I only had a look at the teleport chapter.

        Yeah, we’re in agreement, she’d be a nice side gag, like Tiolis.

      • Emm Vol 1 is mainly about Alice and Vol 2 is Azrael, then Vol 3 will be Lizna(?). If so then its gonna be interesting, since her personality is like that…

      • Now that you mention it, Alice has very little screen time in volume 2 compared to volume 1. But due to what’s happening at the end of volume 2, I don’t see how volume 3 could NOT focus on Azrael.

        Out of the four and a half “main characters” (Fury’s the half), Lizna and Sasaraki are lacking depth the most, so she could use a bit more attention, I guess. She’s pretty funny and I see the direction in which the author’s pushing her, but up until now she’s hardly appealing IMO, if that makes sense. She’s stuck in the friend zone, so to say.

      • You mean what happen in the last illustration is still continue in vol 3?
        Well Lizna is something like self-proclamed supporter for Sasaraki-Azrael’s love and she is airhead-type, so its gonna be hard to get her route.
        Since Lizna’s favorite is something that related to death, and what will happen if she is in “dere” mode, i wonder (love + death….. so scary).

      • Yeah, that exactly. He can’t write that kinda stuff and then basically ignore her in volume 3. My guess is we might get a new loli AI – you heard it from me first lol

        Lizna is their supporter indeed, my guess’d be that she’d turn out yandere, which wouldn’t really work in a rom-com since there are far more reasons to go yan than dere. She does a good job as the one who’s hooking Azrael up with Sasaraki, so I’d like her to stay that way for now. Us not seeing how she could possibly turn into a romance target only adds to it.

    • I was quite surprised too when you posted your guess, but I didn’t want to spoil and kept my reply neutral. =D Got any more guesses? Not that I’m gonna tell what’ll happen, I’m just curious. 😛

      • No! All I can truly guess based on what’s in the chapter so far is that the game is going to find some way to strip and embarrass Azrael again. I’m personally hoping that this happens: the hole will nearly be fixed, Azrael will fall in. And then she’ll be sucked toward the hole, where she herself proceeds to plug it because, instead of slipping through, she promptly gets stuck.

      • So basically two guesses: 1) Azrael’s gonna get shamed (not a wild guess considering her role) 2) She’ll be the one to plug the hole up with her body in the end.

        Let’s keep those in mind 😉

  1. Thanks for translation, i am enjoying this one so far.

    just a question, can you provide update on Yuushibu? i also really want to read that one 😀

      • Then again, I’m not sure. I was going to say crazy…except if you try and shove Megumin from Konosuba into this world, she’d flip the table.

      • You’re missing out! It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s really fun for those that enjoy it.

      • Don’t worry, dude, it’s pretty far up on my watchlist. I considered reading it, but I guess I might as well just watch the anime when it has one. 😛

      • I should also mention that another you should add a category for teasers, to separate the two types,

      • Yeah, I could split categories into “Teaser” and “Full Release,” I might do that in the near future. Although the “full chapter” post would basically just become a duplicate of the “final teaser” post and just be for archive’s/search engine’s/RSS’ sake, my OCD doesn’t like that part too much. 😛

        I’ll further look into e-mail subscription. Last time I did, I wasn’t satisfied with the solutions at hand.

        All of the above will probably take a bit of time, since my priority’s content > feature right now. 😉

      • Thanks for your time.

        I looked a bit harder and you have RSS already setup. You just need a unique category for full posts, and RSS readers can handle the rest.

        For your users/readers, they could use IFTTT.com. They would make a new “recipe” that triggers on “feed” (https://cautrs.com/category/whimsical-translations/light-novels/feed), and sends “email”.

        That URL is based on your categories.


        The only thing you need to do different from current, is whack on a new category for the full posts, or use a different category for teasers. In terms of OCD, you could just delete the teasers. 😉

        I can make a picture guide for your users if you end up doing something RSS friendly (editing posts is not RSS friendly).

      • Glad you like it. I’d be in for that if this series would have an at least kind of normal chapter setup, but seeing how with volume 2, for instance, chapter 2 makes for more than two thirds of the whole volume, it’d mean months between releases.

        If I release, I don’t want readers to be like: “Oh, right, almost forgot about this one, lulz.”

        Plus, it’s not like I’m forcing anyone to read partial releases; as soon as the “Teaser” tag’s gone, it’s done, and you can dive into the full experience. I would, however, force people to wait for full releases if I limited myself to those, even if they didn’t want to.

        tl;dr: I’d rather not on this one. 😛

      • I can’t delete posts, that’d mess with sites indexing my updates and lead to a whooole lot of 404s. So yeah, gotta find the right compromise. 😛

        I’ll try and look for a way to streamline things and make it as easy for users as possible. Having people go over third-party stuff is kinda uncool and hopefully I’ll only have to rely on that as a last resort. I’ll look around for a plug-in. Just hang in there for a bit longer. 😛

      • It’s about to get scarier! Zero Mahou, Clockwork Planet, Akashic Records, Busou Shoujo, Tsugumomo are coming up this season! Well, those are my picks…but I’m pretty certain you’ll find something to add to your queue as well.

  2. This series is great. Thanks for the TL. I would prefer release batches (by chapter not page), even if there are longer delays between release… but I gladly lap up anything you throw out to us!

  3. Thanks for the response! With uneven chaptering I see why you do it this way. I’ll just make sure to re-read when the chapter is fully released. I can’t help my self from reading as it comes out. 🙁

    If I were to make one, less-onerous, request it would be for you to make a new post when you finish the chapter. No sane RSS reader is going to be watching for title changes on posts, and it is impossible to do if you make several new posts after the initial one. It also makes it very hard for me to setup watching rules.

    I can make a guide for people to setup email notifications, if you make it possible by doing what I just suggested, and sticking to a post naming convention (like you already do). I don’t see any other mechanism on your site to keep up-to-date.

  4. This is all I want and more! Thanks~


    For your readers that want to be emailed when a chapter is posted (this is a dirty work-around until there is something neater on the site):

    1. Make an account on IFTTT.com
    2. Make a new “applet” that `Triggers` (`THIS`) on “FEED”
    3. “New feed item”
    4. URL: https://cautrs.com/category/whimsical-translations/light-novels/feed –> `CREATE TRIGGER`
    5. “EMAIL” –> “SEND ME AN EMAIL”
    6. Choose what you want in your message. I like doing:

    Subject: “Feed – [{{FeedTitle}}] – {{EntryTitle}}”
    Body: “{{FeedTitle}}

    7. “Create action”
    8. “FINISH”

  5. Thank you very much for translating this novel!
    I really enjoyed every bit of it Never had this much fun reading a novel ever since Konosuba but this one is more fun! Looking forward for more fun.

    Again Thank you very much.

  6. Audacity is probably the best way to do it. You might want to take advantage of the multiple tracks features. It’s sort of like layering in Photoshop. Cut and paste the desired loop segment into a new track and then you have something that plays on top of the original track. Shift it around until the two play in sync and your loop has started. Repeat. You may need to consider differences in volume and additional instruments making this process more difficult.

    Plan B is to use a looping sound format like logg or brstrm and program the loop points in. Then proceed to mess with the timing information until it loops cleanly. It only works for a single loop though.

    • Sorry, no. In case you want more, I’d strongly encourage you buying it in whatever form. The better a series sells, the longer it will go on and eventually get an anime. 🙂

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