Kusoge Online (BETA) – Volume 1

NOTE: This is a ‘whole volume’ release. All comments from prior partial release posts have been moved here, all partial releases have been deleted. This allows for easier management and fixing.

Volume 1 Cover

Merry Christmas, my buddies!

This time for real! As promised here’s the complete translation of Kusoge Online (BETA) volume 1! And I made it until Christmas Eve (269 pages ffs)! Do you also know that lonely feeling when you’re done reading a volume? Feels like bidding farewell to the characters you grew to like. Well, this farewell will be short-lived (or nonexistent (for me), since I’ve already read half of volume 2, tehe~), since the volume 2’s translation will commence soon™. No promises that I will/can see it through, but we’ll see.

While we’re at it: I’ve noticed a bunch of bros accessing the page via Google Translation, mainly using Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish. I don’t speak a word of either languages, so I pre-approve and encourage any non-commercial translation that is based on this translation in Brazilian Portuguese and/or Spanish and/or French (love my French brahs), just don’t forget to link here and credit me. In short, I only have three these conditions: 1) Don’t charge money, 2) link here, 3) credit me.

I’ve revised a bunch of stuff when I compiled the PDF, but nothing worth a re-read, and while it’s still not perfect, the translation shouldn’t be worse than the average Yen Press release. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) You might want to read the short extra chapter, although it’s more of a side story.

Enough blahblah, that’s it!

Have fun reading, enjoy the holidays, and leave a comment if you like!

P.S.: Did you notice that the second color illustration is pure bait and doesn’t appear in the story at all?

Volume 1


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  1. oi baixei os 3 volumes de kusoge-online-beta mas párese que estão bloqueados com senha como desbloqueio para traduzir para o português brasil

    • They’re only locked from copy paste and editing. When I say “translate,” I don’t mean pasting it into Google Translate and clicking on “translate.” You’re free to translate it by yourself, by hand, not through an algorhythm. Gotta put some effort in deliver good results, my friend.

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