Hundred – Volume 3 – Prologue

NOTE: Incomplete translations are marked as “teaser.” Complete translations aren’t. If I feel like it, I’ll further the translation. If I don’t, I won’t. Hence, “whimsical.” Stuff may be dropped or continued, or both, or alternately, at any second without notice.

Volume 3 Cover

Another teaser now with the all new intrusive “note” on top. I’ve started peaking at volume 3 since the anime will be starting soon (or did it already start?) and people will probably wanna know what’s gonna happen. And since the prologue surprised quite well, I thought I might pull out a quick translation of it.

As for the review that’s gonna come sooner or later, it’ll not contain a summary since I doubt that the anime will not cover volume 3. It’s another battle harem rom-com and unless they stretch it a lot, my guess’d be a coverage of 5-6 volumes. I only own volumes 1 to 4, so 4’s gotta be godly to make me buy anything beyond or the demand and the degree of people’s interest’s gotta be huge.

So let’s translate this literally from the screen of my phone since my tablet’s broken and I hate share-raws.

Anyway, you guess what surprised me big time in this one and have fun reading (this tiny bit)! And the series made it to currently 9 volumes, by the way. Quite incredible.

P.S.: Aren’t prez’ thighs amazingly plump?


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