Guess the Series – Season 3 – Part 7

This one’s a manga shelf.

Part 7

The Stuff
  • Tokyo Straydogs, Eromanga Sensei, 35th Anti-Magic-something, Railgun, and some seemingly 4-koma stuff I don’t know in the front!
  • the stuff where you only see the book backs is: Strike the Blood, Not Lives (never heard of this one though), Accel World stuff called Magisa Garden, Sakurasou, Spice & Wolf, Clannad, Kyouhaku Dogs (I think?), ToraDora, Perusona (?), Rou-Kyuu-Bu, Horizon-something (I bet someone translated the title into something fancy, so I won’t dare embarrassing myself), no idea, Murabito A (I freaking need to read this already! It sounds sooo good), Rewrite, Kamichu!, I tried to guess the rest, but that’s too little to go with.
  • The cut-off top row is hard-mode, by the way. If I had to guess, I’d say the right cover-thingy with the オススメ is Strike Witches or KanColle.

Do they by the way wrap the volumes up so that no one can read them at the spot (立ち読み) or do they really care for them to be undamaged? =D Hmmm…

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