Guess the Series – Season 3 – Part 6

Another round of watching at manga and stuff I might be interested in reading. This time pretty high quality photos which allows us to read the back of the books smoothly, right? Right?

Part 6

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 1
  • Clearly that moe-blob show Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka, so it’s originally a manga? Huh.
  • New Game! Ya, rly.
  • Incredible, I only know Rainman by name in that shelf. What kinda niche shelf is that?
Pic 2
  • I like how everything’s wrapped in foil. Saenai Kanojo no Sodatekata
  • That series where an idol like girl wants to become an otaku and the otaku wants to become a riajuu, and oh boy, it’s at volume 13.
  • Moepen, totally forgot that I wanted to read that – and it’s gotten to volume 5 in the meantime.
  • If you wonder what that long ass series title means: “When a Military Otaku Reincarnates in a Magical World, a Harem of Present-time Firearms is Made?!” I admit, the harem part was charming, the rest sounds ultra weird.
  • 35th Anti-Magic Platoon on the right.
Pic 3
  • I’m totally behind the times. I only know DanMachi here.

2 thoughts on “Guess the Series – Season 3 – Part 6”

  1. Pic.3 Top left: I guess that would be gate jieitai kanochi nite kaku tatakaeri. But thats all I can say as new info. These aren’t great photos as they are usually.

    • You mean ’cause you only see the book backs? Yeah, “Animate” seems to not display as much covers as other bookstores do, but rather just stuffs everything right into the shelves. It’s a pity, really.

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