Guess the Series – Season 3 – Part 5

Alchemist is one of those series that aren’t particularly bad, but just not my thing. I’ll really have to think about that one. But for now, pictures! (Booh!) Hey!

Also, I wonder if they do sales in those bookstores too? Hm… And Jesus, I want to rip off all dem foil from those sexy light novels, oh yeah.

You can test your kanji skills on pic 1. I’ll only list whatever series I know.

Part 5

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 1
  • Twintail
  • OreGaIru (dat massive illustration (or so) volume)
  • BakaTesuto
  • Lady!? Steady, GO!!
  • Vampire Summertime (okay, dunno that one but dem title)
  • That Nanana anime thingy I reviewed some time ago
  • Isekai Harem ga Ore ni Kyuukyoku no Sentaku o Semattekita (Dunno this one either but freakin’ bookmarked, yo!) (Note: googled it and actually, nope)
  • PsyCome
  • That Sword Princess something thingy that has lots of French terms in it, I think?
Pic 2
  • Strike the Blood and HataMaou‘s book backs up on top
  • The fantasy-battle series whose name I keep forgetting
  • No Game No Life
  • Re:Zero

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