Guess the Series – Season 3 – Part 4

Let’s look at some colorful covers and relax. I’ve picked a row of pics where I could hardly identify a thing, yet a lot of them have “オススメ!” (“Recommended!”) on them. Let’s see if something piques our/my interest.

Bonus points if you know the store these pics were taken in.

Part 4

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 1
  • Hero Classroom, doesn’t tell me anything though. Doesn’t look bad per se, it’s got “monster girls” ‘n stuff on the cover, after all.
  • Chronicle Legion, dunno about that again, why does “Legion” transcribe to “レギオン” though? There’s no “Regi”-sound in “Legion.”
  • Hatena Illusion, looks like some magical girl thingy.
  • First row, far right side is cut off, I like the illustration though (絶対領域).
  • Yurishiizu, is there an English word close to this? Anyway, it’s got lots of girls on the cover and it spells “yuri.” KAPPAKAPPA.
  • I tried reading the katakana, but nothing turns up, so I gave up shamefully.
  • Only guys on the cover? I pass.
Pic 2
  • Oh wow dat resolution. That チート薬-thingy doesn’t look too shabby, but dem light reflections and the resolution are just too much.
Pic 3
  • Guilty Arms, Sekai no Teki no Overspec, Kamen Shoujo no Resistence, etc.etc., there’s Chuuko in the middle though. Oh, and some Bladedance stuff on the far right, doesn’t look like the original series to me though. Is there a spin-off?
  • Inou Battle on the far left, Chevalier-something in the center and something I thought to be Kou1 on the right.

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