Guess the Series – Season 2 – Part 3

This time, I’m faster. The next season will be with the paperback copies I actually own myself. Just for the lulz. Well, it’s all just for the lulz, so whatever.

It’s really curious how much I enjoy just looking at all those colorful covers. You know you’re strange when you’re buying stuff for their covers and don’t even care to read.

Part 3

Left Shelf
  1. No Game No Life, Hidan no Aria. Easy.
  2. Owari no Sekai-something (World End Chronicles), Vanadis, another sci-fi fantasy battle series whose name I’ve forgotten (it’s on sale regularly), one more of those series and I’ve been asked to translate before, Re:ZERO.
  3. Flame-something (I don’t know the series and don’t wanna cheat, so whatever), rest beats me.
  4. The whole left side looks kinda yummy, the third counting from left was recommended to me (by Amazon though), already forgot the title.
  5. Right side, Ero Manga Sensei (so hard).
Right Shelf
  1. More Aria followed by Blade Dance?
  2. Left side unknown, followed by High School DxD and a series I don’t know whose title says “Trash and…” though.
  3. That “Turn me into a geek, I turn you into a normalfag” series with Gamers besides it.
  4. Gundam, Noucome, dunno, and a Chuu2 series besides that (I think), forgot the exact title though.
  5. I’ve no idea.
I’m getting the feeling these front stuff if taken from an upright angle would be perfect. And I’m getting the feeling I’ve said this before. Hm.

  1. Next to the first row of sideward volumes there’s Sword Art Online. I think they even shrink-wrapped the new volumes above.
  2. Ultimate Antihero and Hello World, I don’t know either though.
  3. After Dark, see above.
  4. And I can make out something like Manga no Kamisama, don’t know that one either. Is this full of niche stuff?

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