Guess the Series – Season 2 – Part 2

It’s been two months?! Really?! Sweet Jesus, seems like the more water runs down the river the faster it flows. Anyway, let’s have a look at a bunch of other shelves in the pictures of a big book store a Japanese friend of mine was so kind to provide me with (awesome and complicated yet proper sentence structure right here, Ladies and Gentlemen).

Part 2

I’ll list my guesses from left to right, top to bottom. Please, Lord, let me know a decent amount of these. Next time, I’m gonna request pictures of the front, taken from above, seems much easier/makes more sense to do.

Left Shelf
  1. First one with its cover facing us is Kou1 volume one, and I guess volume 2 beside it.
  2. The freaking lighting makes it impossible to read, I’m pretty sure i know the one on the left, though. To the right is that My Onee-san is a Chuu2-series.
  3. Second to bottom is Inou-Battle.
Right Shelf
  1. Ugh, I know nothing but Fafnir on the bottom left, guess those are pretty small publishers.
  2. In case the bottom right piqued your interest like it did pique mine, here‘s the link.
  1. That Chevalier-something series right under the “F14-08” sign.
  2. Left from Chevalier, there’s some Sword-bla series I’ve forgot about but certainly have seen before, and below that looks like DanMachi to me, but I know volume 4’s cover doesn’t look like that, so duh.
  3. Looks like OreShura on the top right from the one mentioned above.
  4. Owari no Seraph ad left from Fafnir with a Fafnir goodie behind it.
  5. Outbreak Company behind the “F14-08” sign with lots more of the series right from it; behind the Outbreak Company ad.

Meh, could’ve been worse. Though the right shelf is just above me, seem to be niche publishers.

But you see the shrink-wrapped novels left from Outbreak Company? I really like that idea, it’s not good for mother nature, but dem feel when you unwrap a new novel…

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