Guess the Series – Season 2 – Part 1

Season 2 time! Check out the pic. Nice angle, isn’t it? Much easier. And very tempting to cheat by simply googlin the sh*t out of the volumes and claiming you knew them! I’ll resist, however. All I’ll state is what I know or have seen someplace else or maybe even own myself. And as the first picture’s the manga corner, I’m pretty much screwed already, yay. But the light novel corner’ll be my revenge – I hope there’s a pic of that one, too.

There’s another way to cheat, too. This is the same store as first season, so it’s the same shelves from a different angle! Assuming they haven’t arranged things anew, you could look for the matching pic and copy off stuff – and hence spoil the fun for yourself.

But there’s no leaderboard anyway, so let’s just enjoy this. I surely will! I’m still glad there’s no such store anywhere near me. I’d be so broke. Look at all those shiny illustrations! And they give out free goodies when you buy something, too!

…I’d be so broke.

Part 1

I’ll go from… eh, left to right. Screw Japanese reading direction. Furthermore, top to bottom.

Left Shelf
  1. Monster Musume
  2. Monster Musume
  3. Bleach? Errr, rather not. The cover art looks kinda similar.
  4. See above.
  5. Girls and Panzer + X
Right Shelf
  1. Girls and Panzer, Minami-ke (fourth to the right of Girls and Panzer)
  2. Arpeggio of Blue Steel
  3. Arpeggio of Blue steel
  4. Is that KanColle? I think I’ve seen the trio on the second volume before.
  5. Can’t make out anything.
  1. That stuff on the left is pretty popular, I’ve seen a bunch of posters already, but beats me.

2 thoughts on “Guess the Series – Season 2 – Part 1”

  1. Top 2 shelves left side: Monster Musume.
    Bottom left: Jistu wa, watashi wa.
    Top right: I see a Girls und Panzer facing out. (also bottom shelf on the left)
    Bottom right: Looks like KanColle.

    Other shelves in between? Zero fucks given. Well, except the one that looks like it’s called ‘Salty Load’… It sounds interesting…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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