Game Review: Ceville


A game review? Yeah, why not. I’ll make it rather short and without categories though, since it’s got nothing to do with anything otaku whatsoever and it’s rather niche. But I wanted to write something about it anyway.

The review’s about Ceville, an adventure by Realmforge Studios. It’s from 2009, so it’s ooold.


The graphics are not as bad as one might fear considering it’s a) an adventure, b) old, c) not an AAA production. Thanks to the comic-like 3D style, it ages better than other titles. Talking about the puzzles, they’re… kinda really far-fetched at times, at others they’re ridiculously easy. So you’re either very tempted to look into a walkthrough, or don’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything at all – the balancing’s meh. But here’s a nice tip for you: pressing the spacebar will display the hotspots you can interact with. I saw this by chance, the game doesn’t really explain it. Nice. There are also times when you can control multiple characters and have to solve puzzles by combining them. But usually it amounts to pushing items from one to another which is more fiddly work than fun and basically feels like a more complicated single character than actually combining strengths. No good puzzle design here.


Overall, the characters are and want to be cliche. They tried to get a lot of fantasy/pop culture references in there and it works okay-ish. The side character will make you smile at best, but they’re entertaining nonetheless; it’s just no Monkey Island. The real star of this game is Ceville himself – and Lili as his sidekick. He’s very cynical and voices his tyrannical thoughts whenever he gets the chance – or even acts them out when Lili’s not looking. That’s fun to watch in this picture-perfect fantasy world they’re running around in.

The English dub’s gold. Ceville sounds exactly the way he acts. And Lili with her British accent fits all too well, too. The German dub, however, sounds boring. Which is funny ’cause it’s basically a game made in Germany.


It’s weakest point, though, is the overall… quality-wise state of the game. It likes to crash, the characters are hardly lip-sync, the animations are terrible, it just looks poorly programmed and kinda unfinished. This game could’ve been much more and with the really strong dub and character design regarding the main heroes, it could’ve become a real series with potential. I would like to see Ceville and Lili again. In a more polished adventure. But that won’t happen since the start was doomed already. Alas.

Putting it all together,

well-aged graphics, genius English dub, genius main character design, okay-ish humor versus sorry state, poor animations, meh puzzle design, is there story worth mentioning?, meh side characters

It’s a game you should pick if you’re into adventures and it’s on steam sale for a few cents.

Rating 6/10



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