Fixing Shitty Things (D-Frag!)

Now that the BD batch of D-Frag! is finally out, I present you the deretardized (?) version of episode 9 here!

What was wrong with episode 9? If you’ve seen it and dare to ask, you don’t deserve the fix. If you haven’t seen it and wanna know, your head will feel dizzy after about the twelfth time of imouto calling her aniki “Bro.”

In fact, this is the most horrible, stupid, and out-of-place usage of this shitty attempt on a translation regarding “Aniki/Onii-chan/…” I’ve seen yet. Bravo.

I went hardline on this one and just replaced it literally with what they’re saying (Aniki/Onii-chan/Onii-san). Couldn’t be bothered with more. On prior episodes there’s a bunch of over-edited lines that feel like the editor just masturbated to himself, forgetting the source in the process (at least he had a good time), but screw those. Except for this “Bro” crap and said lines, it’s decent and very watchable. Just wished people would be more open-minded and not force/make/jam a foreign culture into their own. Or tearing lines out of context hard just to display one’s own fancy vocabulary.

I’m glad the littler sister of his only took the stage for one episode. The show’s great, by the way. One of the best comedies I’ve seen so far. Go watch it. With the fix. You’ll have to mux it yourself though.

[FFF] D-Frag! - 09 [BD][1080p-FLAC][00B1052C].mkv_snapshot_14.50_[2016.02.01_20.58.22]
OH MY GOD! It makes sense now! How did I do that, huh?!

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