Official Translation Review: A Certain Magical Index Volume 1

Introduction First things first: this isn’t an official translation review but a review of an official translation. Just sayin’. I am a big defender of official translations. I’m not groaning when a series gets licensed but rejoicing. The reason’s simple: if you’ve got something like standards, then the vast majority of fan-based translations should read … Read more

Light Novel Review: Hundred Volume 2

Who Would Like this Series/Volume? It’s your generic, off-the-shelf sci-fi-battle-rom-com series. The similarities to Infinite Stratos are undeniable. Though, it’s not the boldest of rip-offs. But anyways, if you liked Infinite Stratos then you won’t be let down here. The very, very little drama it has is almost being ignored by the protagonist, so it’s … Read more

Light Novel Review: Shurabara! Volume 1

Who Would Like this Series/Volume? It’s a romantic comedy. It closely resembles other romantic comedies like Nisekoi and OreShura. There isn’t much drama involved and the contents aren’t extreme. So if you’re looking for something light on the stomach and don’t expect Shakespeare’s rebirth from it, you’re all set. For: People who like rom-coms in … Read more