Anime Review: Seikoku no Dragonar

Introduction Just a small heads-up: if you’re just out to watch some besotted, non-sensical, inconsistent, illogical, fanservice anime and your brain’s so soft-boiled already that you just don’t care anymore when I tell you where it doesn’t make sense and how it’s stuff we’ve seen a hundred times already, then this one’s for you; and … Read more

Anime Review: Trinity Seven

Introduction Oh God, reviewing anime? Is that a smart choice? Potentially enraging weebs and mouth-breathers who’re lurking with their faithful dual-wield Cheetos bags at their sides to blame hard-working (haha) people like me while lurking in their safe harbor called “anonymity”? Eh, whatever. To make things clear again, I’m reviewing – quite subjectively – the … Read more