Anime Review: Absolute Duo

Who Would Like this Anime? It’s simple: Do you like fantasy battles with a bit of ecchi? Here you’ll get fantasy battles with a bit of ecchi. Drama’s about as present as in every other battle anime, just the usual antagonistic stuff. Translation Where? I’ve watched this release. I did neither have any real problem … Read more

Anime Review: Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Who Would Like this Anime? Jitsu wa Watashi wa is a typical harem rom-com with the focus on the comedy part. There’s “drama,” from now on I’ll refer to this kind of “drama” as a “drama-faker.” Every time things seem to get inconvenient, the alleged drama turns out to be no drama at all. A … Read more

Anime Review: Rail Wars!

Who Would Like this Anime? Rail Wars! is over-the-top action paired with a fair amount of ecchi, thriller (?), and romance. It sort of wants to be realistic with its setting, yet is severly incompatible with reality thanks to its execution. So at its core – the story – Rail Wars! is pretty retarded and … Read more