Anime Review: One Punch Man

You probably know this kind of dilemma: You’ve got a friend who’s completely unfamiliar with anime but they want you to show them an example to understand what it’s like. Frantically, you’re brainstorming for possible candidates and experience all kinds of ‘Nam flashbacks about jiggling milk bags, 1000-years-old dragons, and tentacles. What Japanese anime isn’t … Read more

Anime Review: Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Who Would Like this Anime? If you remotely have a thing for either romances or comedies, you should watch this. There’s just enough drama to keep things interesting but it’s not so much that it’d make the story “hard” to watch. It’s just a setup for happy endings. The only thing that could dissuade you … Read more

Anime Review: Isuca

Who Would Like this Anime? Gore, mild drama, lots of boobies, and battles: These are the things Isuca will deliver. It’s a pretty standard fantasy battle anime, just a bit on the violent side, but nothing to worry about. Translation Where? I’ve watched this release. It was decent sub- and visual-wise. Premise There’s another world/dimension … Read more