Turning Japanese 4: -naide (-ないで) within a sentence, Koko made (ここまで), Nani Sore (なにそれ)

-naide (-ないで) within a sentence You all should know -naide when it’s at the end of a sentence. It’s a abbreviation of -naidekudasai meaning “please don’t x.” Now there’s another basic meaning of it that seems to be basic knowledge but I curiously didn’t know up until lately (d’oh). If -naide is used within a … Read more

Turning Japanese: More Sites to Remember

Sites to Remember 1. JGram.org This site’s strong. It looks like some beepworld stuff from the late 90s, but it’s got lots and lots of grammar with notes and examples, and it’s ordered by JLPT difficulty. If you know all the grammar presented on this site, you know a lot. Sadly, it’s really hard to … Read more

Turning Japanese: Manga Recommendation (To Love-Ru)

Everyone’s probably at least heard of it, the To Love-Ru-series. The anime’s of course ridiculously famous (sex sells) and the manga’s well-received. Now that sounds as if it’s got a manga adaption but of course the manga’s the original source. You could say “Darkness” is the “second season” of it, and the original season (the … Read more