The Art of Editing (General Remarks)

Many people believe the process of (in professional terms just) translating or (in fanlation terms) editing to be like this: know what words in source mean, put them into target language, stay true to the grammar, watch out for figures of speech, the end. This often leads to the product reading “unnatural.” So if you’re … Read more

Put the Comma Here Right?

Don’t worry, I’ll soon be out of sterile language topics to write about. But before that I want to write about something that doesn’t have a term that I know of. It’s the comma usage close to the sentence end. Surprisingly, even professional (those people get paid to write this stuff, hence professional) texts are … Read more

Like This?!

Jesus. All these hella boring grammar posts. Make it stop! But I won’t stop. A side note first: if you happen to disagree with any language explanations or simply know it’s flat-out wrong and (hopefully) have a source for that, let me know. In any case, this time it’s about end of sentence punctuation. I’m … Read more