Official Translation Review: No Game No Life Volume 1

Don’t forget, I’m neither rating the story, nor the translation accuracy here. Let’s cut down right to the case. First, “nii” and “imouto” were literally translated as “brother” and “little sister”. That’s the way they address each other. This does not work. While “brother” is stupid, “little sister” is plain stupid, but I can see … Read more

The Art of Editing (Sekirei)

Oh look, another post already. And another joyful reason for it. The manga series Sekirei, let’s be honest, isn’t one of the greatest. The author should’ve probably stuck with the harem battle thingy instead of just throwing it into a some kind of weird final. Welp, it’s one way to end it, I guess. You … Read more

Hey, pssst, Mister, Wanna Buy a Watch?

The subject will be Escha & Logy no Atelier – Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi again. The anime adaptation again. This release again. This time, the problem’s quite an interesting one. The honorific used is “senpai“. Senpai is what you call people in higher school grades. For instance, you’re 5th grade, they’re 6th and maybe … Read more