Fixing Shitty Things (Sword Art Online – Extra Edition)

In case some of you havent watched Sword Art Online – Extra Edition yet, or have it archived and are bugged by the godforsaken “bro/brother”-blah-blah, you can download my Onii-chan’ed version here, it goes with this file. I searched the subtitle file for all the bro/brother-s it had and replaced it with Onii-chan where it … Read more

Fixing Shitty Things (D-Frag!)

Now that the BD batch of D-Frag! is finally out, I present you the deretardized (?) version of episode 9 here! What was wrong with episode 9? If you’ve seen it and dare to ask, you don’t deserve the fix. If you haven’t seen it and wanna know, your head will feel dizzy after about the … Read more