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This is a permanent and stickied post that will be perpetually updated whenever… well, whenever I feel like there’s something worth calling “news” or “update.” It’s sorted from newest to oldest. Have fun!

Last Updated: January 2021


New Comments Plugin

Did you know my Recent Comments plugin broke? I didn’t. I hurridly replaced it with a less fancy but functional one. Now the only remaining broken plugin is the Twitter autoposter…


New Content

I’ve published a few new light novel reviews in the new stripped-down format. More content with summaries hopefully coming soon™.



Upcoming reviews will be LNs without summaries (Eromanga Sensei 01, Chuuko 04), LNs with summaries (TaiCheat 05 and 06, Kou1 02, Kawaii Onna no Ko ni Kouryaku Sareru 01, Zettai Kanojo 01, Dress 01), and some Anime (One Punch Man, etc.). See you there (eventually)!

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


Update (VN Reviews Removed)

I’ve simplified (I’m using this word a lot) the navigation and removed the VN reviews and some other minor things. I was just not satisfied with how the reviews ended up and VNs are just too big to play through entirely every time. I’ll keep the posts saved just in case I change my mind, though.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


Announcement (Simplifying Future Content)

First of all: No, I’m not dead. And neither am I done with the site (which is just my hobby anyway, I post whatever whenever). I simply can’t find the time to read or watch, and then write up a review.

In the light of that, I’d like to emphasize three things:

1) Yes, there’ll still be new stuff in the future, but more sporadically and more simplified (more on that further below)

2) Since the coming reviews (pretty much all of 2020) will be on stuff that I’ve enjoyed months ago, the reviews will be written up from distant memory (that includes summaries) – obviously that means they’ll not be up to my own standards, but please bear with me. Thanks and sorry!

3) I will simplify my posts which basically means putting less time into them (an hour or less instead of a couple hours); that also includes summaries.

That’s it, stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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