Hello there!

No, I’m not dead. And I’m not done with the site (which is just a hobby anyway, as you might expect, I post whatever I feel like whenever I feel like). I simply neither have read a lot of novels nor have I watched a lot of anime to talk about. Put on top of that the usual “(more) life happens” and the fact that I put a lot of time into my writing – even if it might not look like it – the amount of posts simply died out.

Now, what does that mean?

I’m not quitting posting. While I’ve no obligation to post, I’ve no reason not to since it’s fun to do.

I will further simplify my reviews and summaries to make it easier on me to write one up quickly.

There won’t be new post announcements on Twitter simply because the plugin I used for that broke.

Expect sporadic posts about light novels you’ve never heard about (and never will hear about again) since for some reason I tend to buy stuff that eventually gets discontinued quickly (Kusoge pepehands).

Anyway, COVID 19 and all, I’ll write something about the few things I did read/watch, and you guys stay safe, healthy, and out of trouble!

P.S.: This is now a sticky.

P.P.S.: I apologize in advance if reviews/summaries do read wonky. I don’t take notes when I’m reading stuff, so writing out of memory can prove difficult. Especially summaries – where I have them – might be inaccurate. However, summaries should give you a vague idea of what’s happening and reviews should hopefully get the points across whether it’s a good or bad light novel in my opinion.

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