Anime Review: Trinity Seven

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Oh God, reviewing anime? Is that a smart choice? Potentially enraging weebs and mouth-breathers who’re lurking with their faithful dual-wield Cheetos bags at their sides to blame hard-working (haha) people like me while lurking in their safe harbor called “anonymity”? Eh, whatever. To make things clear again, I’m reviewing – quite subjectively – the anime itself. I’m not rating the translation or encode or whatever. I’ll simply assume everything’s correct for the most part and only when it strikes me as really poor, I’ll give you a heads up.

Who Would Like this Anime?

It’s your run-of-the-mill comedy/harem/magic/battle anime. There’s nothing extreme happening. So you don’t have to fear for anything but it’s shallow plot. The protagonist isn’t the usual I’m-scared-of-girls type, but more or less aggressive yet humorous.

For: People who have 13 episodes worth of time to waste on trivial, cliché, and all-but-cutting-edge anime. And who like a protagonist who’s taking things rather lightly.

Translation Where?

I’ve watched this release. Nothing special to report here. I didn’t spot anything outrageously good or bad.

Translation: Nothing to worry about if you get the above-mentioned release.


A boy named Arata creates a black sun in a city due to his magical powers he doesn’t know about. His childhood friend and the whole city disappear due to that, but she manages to give him a grimoire that creates a fake city with his immense powers. However, a mage shows up to kill either the grimoire, or him and then the grimoire. He then decides to rather become a mage himself, which apparently is option three. His goal is to save his childhood friend and have lots of lewd fun on the way.


I hope you like this kind of background. You'll see it often.
I hope you like this kind of background. You’ll see it often.

Again, there’s nothing special to say about the art. Wait, there is something. Most of the time, it plays within the magic academy (or whatever this place could be called) which consists of three colors: brown, gray, green. If you don’t get sick of always the same backgrounds at some point, you have my congratulations. It does use 3D/CGI backgrounds at certain points, which are rather well-made. Contrary to “Arpeggio of Blue Steel“, which used 3D for the characters, this technology goes much better with backgrounds, while the characters are kept 2D. Else, it’s your average anime art. The animations are slightly above average (sometimes), but nothing to gape at.


Oh look, fanservice. Guess how it happened.
Oh look, fanservice. Guess how it happened.

These days, how much you like an anime depends on how much anime you’ve actually seen. There are hardly any new ideas presented and in the end it’s rather a question of how old things are mixed together and executed. So, how original is “Trinity Seven“? We’ve got magic. Meh. We’ve got magic categorized in “Themas” which are more or less based on the seven deadly sins. Not bad. Does it play an interesting and important role? Not at all. Is the world interesting? It’s rather random. Is it easy on the eye? As easy as brown, gray, green can be. The power of friendship after 24 hours of knowing each other? Why, of course, kids!

Anime battle rule #1: Talk lots.
Anime battle rule #1: Talk lots.

Generally, the anime is loaded with clichés, trivial, and has exactly one good point: the protagonist. He’s very honest and direct with his desire to score and not co*kblocking himself. The harem can’t keep up with that. The main heroine, Lilith, is far from behaving plausible, she’s so annoyingly cliché pseudo-tsundere-shy-whatever that especially in the first couple of episodes, it just hurts.

Anime battle rule #2: Talk even more and stand around besotted.
Anime battle rule #2: Talk even more and stand around besottedly.

The battles consist of the most common and even more annoying pattern. They stand around like idiots, explain what the enemy has done, the enemy explains what they have done, even some slow comedy acts right in a battle… it hurts. They would’ve done better by either scratching battles or taking them less “seriously” and in a more comedic way. Now it’s just another facepalm-battle anime.

Oh look, more fanservice.
Oh look, more fanservice.

How’s the harem? Shallow. They’ve hardly any impact, hardly any background, hardly any depth whatsoever. They’re just there to serve as joke material for the protagonist – and of course for the fan service scenes; there are many of those. And they mostly follow usual patterns: stumble, fall, booby, yay.

The only ray of hope: the protagonist and comedy.
The only ray of hope: the protagonist and comedy.

If I put it shortly, there are two good things about this anime: the protagonist and his comedy, and here and there the visual quality. Everything else is boring, trivial, cliché, and kinda embarrassing. I’ve seen everything it does elsewhere – and that everything’s poorly executed. There’s nothing to rage about, just stuff that makes you shake your head. It’s average. An anime to watch if you crave for harem, and then forget.

Rating 5/10

4 thoughts on “Anime Review: Trinity Seven”

  1. Sorry I’m late I was busy having no life, playing some game non-stop. 😛
    I like anime reviews, especially if they’re not about the meta anime of the season, even more if they’re about silly comedy shows. Incidentally it also looks like we watch the same genres, even though we watch them for very different reasons, tehe.
    This anime seems ok as silly light-hearted entertainment, I’ll probably watch it. I’m interested in sword girl because of her creepy look and in light-blue-haired girl, the one that looks like she’s about to sneeze, or that she’s staring at a mosquito that landed on her nose. She seems funny.

    For future reviews, how about including info on the voice actresses? I’m sure I’m not the only VA fan here, you could mention the ones doing a great job in a certain show (if there are any, haha) or voicing a different character type instead of their usual ones, things like that.

    • Alas, I don’t really care about voice actresses. I’ve no intel with which I could judge/compare and to me even the worst Japanese voice actresses is still double the skill of the Western stuff I’m used to – and that’s good enough for me. =D

      But I’ll try to listen more intently. I can say that one voice actress in the virtual novel I’m currently playing’s falling somewhat behind. But that might as well be the character she plays being like that or director’s instructions. I’ll never know.


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