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Just a small heads-up: if you’re just out to watch some besotted, non-sensical, inconsistent, illogical, fanservice anime and your brain’s so soft-boiled already that you just don’t care anymore when I tell you where it doesn’t make sense and how it’s stuff we’ve seen a hundred times already, then this one’s for you; and you can basically add two points to all of my ratings.

Who Would Like this Anime?

This anime is made of 90% generic fantasy/battle/rom-com. There’s less orange in any orange juice. If you wanna watch something you can’t take even slightly seriously, then this is for you. Lots of brainless fanservice, be it loli or not.

For: People who haven’t been watching any fantasy/battle/rom-com for the past five years, want lots of fanservice (even loli one), and/or simply want to turn their brain off.

Translation Where?

I’ve watched this release. It’s over-edited at times, but also pretty nice at others. All good.

Translation: Nothing to worry about if you get the above release.


Protagonist is seemingly a problem child at a dragonar academy. “Seemingly” because it doesn’t show. He still hasn’t gotten his “pal” – a dragon. Then he suddenly gets it, he becomes all popular, and stuff happens. Plots can be so simple. On a meta level it’s supposed to be about two countries formerly at war, but now at truce. Nonetheless, the other country tries to spy/manipulate them.


Dat textures.
Dem textures.

The art is yet again above average. The scenes are somewhat diversified and pretty crisp. I think we can consider ourselves lucky to watch anime in an age where this is roundabout average. While the art style is a matter of taste, it’s not poorly made. The dragon texturing looks weird at times, though, and hurts the eyes. Animations are okay (or average again, but this no blaming).


It’s a typical example of, “nowadays, errything gets adapted”.

Where did I see this kind of character before...
Where did I see this kind of character before…

The story revolves around Dragon (Crisis) battles, the main heroine has Zero (no Tsukaima) originality, and the protagonist/main heroine relationship overall feels like a reversed case of a certain other series, so it’s got Zero (no Tsukaima) individuality too. The blonde tsundere Princess (Lover) reminds me of another Fate(/stay night)ful character – I wonder of whom? The protagonist’s trump card is to transform into a form of immense Power (Ranger) and the whole plotline’s something you’ve seen elsewhere time and time again – unless you’ve lived under a rock.

Oh, what might the villain's true identity be? (monotone)
Oh, what might the villain’s true identity be? (monotone)

Now that we’ve seen how very original it is, does it at least execute its “borrowed” traits well? The way this masterpiece of originality is carried out is, indeed, solid. There are only two things that wear it down. First, there’s a whole lot of logic/plot holes. I’ll get to that later. Second, if your brain hasn’t been ecchi’ed/moe’d into some kinda gooey jelly yet, then you will eye-roll and facepalm from to the obtrusive fanservice. The animation studio and/or author seem to have known that it’s overall little appealing and hence put in a bunch of other arguments to sell it. I put a few of those together in the following gallery (which is NSFW, you’ve been warned):

(NSFW) Plot
Go, go, Power Rangers!
Go, go, Power Rangers!

This, by the way, only covers the first half of the anime. I got tired of looking through them since they stacked up fast. There’s also a bunch of loli fanservice scenes, but I didn’t put those in there because normal boobs and physique, which aren’t meant to appeal to… lolicons, are justice. You can’t overlook the loli scenes, though. So if you wanna see them, watch it.

One of the... better characters.
One of the… better characters.

Can the characters save the plot? They do behave, well, kind of plausible; but also inconsistent. There are a lot of sudden personality changes which make you wonder whether the girls are on their period – and around the clock at that – or not. Example: tsuntsun turns tsundere, tyrann turns caring person. Then again, there are also times when characters behave so outside of human logic that it’s almost fascinating. For instance, the princess thinks at some point that she majors as a dragonar when she stands up totally naked in front of a crowd after her clothes have been ripped by the enemy – that’s not meant to be a joke; I died a little there. I guess you have to hug your body pillow tight to overlook such things.

I'd charge for blonde tsundere, too. But she's still hella generic.
I’d charge for blonde tsundere, too. But she’s still hella generic.

All those sudden character developments could also be due to the usual light novel adaption problem: the pacing. It feels overall rushed. In my opinion, a lot of relevant story/narrative connections are missing which makes the plot look stupid as it progresses. It wouldn’t be the first unbefitting light novel adaption out there.

Guess her personality.
Guess her personality.

Two personalities do stick out of the banal run-of-the-mill character mishmash. For one, Jessica. She’s so forceful and direct, that it’s refreshing. She’s actually a side character and still has more depth than the protagonist and main heroine together. Sad. Second, blonde tsundere’s (I’m not gonna call her by name. Generic characters deserve generic names.) dad – the paladin. He’s a, errr, daughter-con (?) and switches from stupid all-over-her mode to serious sovereign mode in literally seconds. It’s psychologically worrying, but fun to watch. Still, both of them have little screen time, so they can’t spice it up.

She's tsundere. Of course. Actually, both are.
She’s tsundere. Of course. Actually, both are.

Let’s put things together. It gains a bit by its art and the two not-so-ordinary characters, and loses it again with its overly intrusive and stupid fanservice and it’s plain storyline. Another “strong” point is that the story has a solid feel to it; things do connect. At times, the anime does the most horribly retarded things when it wants to be taken seriously (see above) and it’s almost as if the more “important” the character, the more shallow they are. The two things that actually get it ahead of “Trinity Seven“, is how it connects and the more diversive art. It lacks behind in terms of original comedy, though.

tl;dr: it’s another anime of the category: watch it, forget it.

Rating 6/10

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  1. I think I’m brain-dead enough, I’ll probably watch this one too. The plot section convinced me 🙂
    Oh lol, Char is that you? Does the villain pilot some mech? If he (she?) also puts on some Quattro Bajeena glasses, it’s a real reference. Too bad for the different haircolor. Seeing so many cloned characters makes it look like a parody, such a shame it isn’t.
    This kind of anime seem to always include some mandatory last-two-eps forced drama that can ruin the experience (lol) of some viewers, it’d be great if you could quantify it. Yes, I know you don’t like giving spoilers, but it’s just an idea.

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