Anime Review: Miss Monochrome


Shomin Sample‘s 11th (and supposedly final) volume will be released on July, 20th in Japan. So chances are that I can get it July, 19th (time zone banzai!) and be done with it within a week! Look forward to it, it’ll be my top priority. Personally, I do look forward to reading it but am also anxious about it sucking and ruining my fond memories of its first bunch of volumes. We’ll see. Definitely.

Now to an anime review since I just couldn’t get much reading done (about 30% into No Game No Life 5) and my mind’s totally set on Shomin Sample.

Who Would Like this Anime?

If you got a thing for idols, this one pretty parodizes it. On the other hand, if you can’t cope with robotic voices (like that vocaloid kinda thing), you’ll be bumped out real soon.

For: People interested in the Japanese idol scene, or rather a parody of it.

Translation Where?

I’ve watched this release. The visual quality’s decent, no complaints. On the other hand, the subs are nothing special. They feel unrefined but solid nonetheless.

Translation: Solid subs, you won’t die watching.


Miss Monochrome’s striving to become an idol, yet – being an android – messes up in various ways.


As expected from a show consisting of roughly three minutes per episode, the backgrounds are good and all, but the costly things (animations) are lacking. It could look much worse, though, I’m absolutely okay with it.


Why did I watch this anime? ‘Cause I’m into idols? No. Do I like vocaloid? Hell no. Do I like gags? Kinda. But I won’t get much out of this if I’m not into idols too. So what’s the reason? Here it is:

Miss Monochrome - 08

Alas, those two shows don’t have much in common. Wait, they don’t have anything in common. Well, they’re both anime at least. We should give it a chance and judge it for itself, though.


I won’t bother splitting up into categories and such since the whole anime doesn’t even amount to the length of two episodes of a “normal” one. The plot’s pretty simple, Miss Monochrome tries to become an idol and – being an android – makes poor choices to do so. Situations escalate quickly and in the end she’s back where she started.

Her eternal rival.
Her eternal rival.

All in all, she’s chasing after the back of a super idol she seems to have met in the past before (that’s the “meta” plot, if you like). I found the gags to vary between “actually funny” and “haha… ha…,” you can give the show an extra point if you really can relate to the whole idol thing, since the gags cover Japanese idol 101 (handshake event, making an appearance on a prank show).

Manager-san so kakkouii.
Manager-san so kakkouii.

Rather than Miss Monochrome herself, the anime’s sidekicks entertained me more. There’s her manager, who’s just a plain convenience store manager and, God knows how, keeps getting events for her, where she then messes up and the manager keeps apologizing to the producer (who’s just involved into everything, it seems). Also, her cute little “animal”‘s a vacuum robot. And her cute little magical-girl-like friend’s actually a con artist. Lots of appearingly incoherent stuff that goes wrong into the weirdest directions.

How to literally become a nendoroid.
How to literally become a nendoroid.

Clear downside: all it does, it doesn’t well enough. It has uniqueness, but lacks impact. I’ll probably forget all about it in a week or two, but it didn’t even cost me 40 minutes of my life. 6 points since it had me entertained sorta, and as I said you can add an extra point if you like that whole idol stuff. Another extra point if you’re into that creepy 3D animation ending song it has. And finally another extra point if you’re into vocaloid. This could be your thing!

Rating 6/10



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