Anime Review: Maken-ki! Two

Who Would Like this Anime?

There’s no plot and hence no drama. Nothing but uncensored, massive boobs and gags. It’s season 1 without the plot, basically.

For: People who want more boobs and gags.

Translation Where?

I’ve watched this release. It’s okay. Not like you have much choice.

Translation: It’s okay.


We still got the same people as in season 1 and they’re trying to protect the school from… stuff… I guess.



The art’s okay when it comes to backgrounds and anything not boob related. But the boobs and character animations and/or drawings are nice to look at. Hehe. Not like you’ll have much time to check the backgrounds or how lively the scenery is (or isn’t) when they slap boobs across your face.


Let’s face it: this show doesn’t even bother with plot, has shallow characters, and a sorry excuse of a setting to set the stage for maximum boobage.

Let’s face it: anyone who’s watching this show and expects his brain to be worked has none. This show’s got boobs for brains, and so should you. What?

Maken-ki wants nothing but girls jiggling their boobies, ideally while motorboating the protagonist. As an extra, you get okay-ish small plot lines and not-unbearable comedy in between. And when boobs bounce and clash against something, there’s this obscene flesh-hits-flesh sound! I want that as my ringtone!

Honestly, I’m glad it has zero plot. Ecchi shows tend to put plot in that no one cares about and simply sucks. I would’ve liked some deeper character relationships than it provides, but whatever.

To add more about the comedy (the one thing in it aside from boobs), it’s quite decent. It’s not all cliche stuff you’ve seen 300 times before, doesn’t feel forced, and it fits in nicely. It’s not good enough to turn the anime good when ecchi’s too retarded for you, it’s just the comedy cherry on the boob-shaped ecchi cake.

But ye, damn it, that’s all I can say about this show, no plot present to criticize, no character depth to nag about, no development to grief. You shall turn off your brain and yearn for boobs. If you can’t do that, you’ll hate it. If you can do that, you’ll get what you want. So it’s an ecchi rating of 7 or 8 ’cause honestly, what else do you expect from this show? A normal rating would be around 5 or 6 since all it has is somewhat okay comedy, but I just can’t rate this normally. Also, kudos for giving Kurousagi screentime – and stripping her (just during cosplay, though).

Oh, and I can’t come up with enough text to place all the screenshots, so have a gallery instead, all SFW. In case you wonder how often I’ve written boob/s, it’s 13.

Ecchi Rating 8/10


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