Guess the Series – Season 1 – Part 1

I’ve asked a friend of mine to take a few pictures of an “otaku corner” within a Japanese bookstore. Of course it’s not called otaku corner, but light novel/manga corner or whatever. Let’s call it otaku corner nonetheless. Why? Because I enjoy looking at piles of stuff I like, you should know that feel, too. And I don’t know any place in Germany, where I could look at piles of light novels and manga. There are manga corners in bookstores, but 1) it’s that awful mainstream stuff like Naruto (I won’t even bold that) and 2) they even “localize” book formats. No nice high-luster covers, no removeable cover, no neutral paperback print, no handy format. They’re not sexy. The Japanese originals, however, are. And if there are such corners in a bookstore ’round here, they’re, of course, much smaller.

The shop’s situated in Osaka, if memory serves right. First, we see that that place looks awfully plain (in my opinion, anyway) but hey, at the end of the day it’s just a normal bookstore. And bookstores are supposed to have books. And there are. Second, I’m glad I’m not living in Japan, ’cause I’d sell my pants in those book stores once I set foot in it and I’d probably stand there roaming through all those yummy illustrations for hours. Literally. Third, how about a nice round of “What Series is it?” I’ve got 4 (with another picture of a hawt clerk. pant, pant.) pictures from which we can guess series. So I’ll do this in a few parts, since it’ll take me hours to go through them all. Hours that I love to spend. But not in one go.

Part 1


So, here are my guesses (number indicates row, except for the “front stuff”):

Left Shelf
  1. I’m 110% sure, I know the series on the cover of the top-left magazine-or-whatever issue. But I just can’t put my finger on it. Goddammit. Especially the girl in the background rings a bell. Jesus. Next to that’s something ’bout “KanColle“.
  2. It’s the “Arpeggio of Blue Steel“-series volume 2 to 6.
  3. Same series volume 8 to 10.
  4. I neither know the cover of the volume below that row, nor can I make out the title, so beats me. To the right of that unknown one, however, the volume says “Kekkon Kako Kari“. I don’t know that series, but I’ll make a mental note.
  5.  “KanColle“-series on the left. To the right of that, alas, I can neither make out the cover nor the kanji. Unknown again.
Center Shelf
  1. Some fans I’d love to have on the top. On the right-hand side, I think I can see “Chiito” in katakana. Google says it’s this. Lucky me. So “チート薬師の異世界旅” or “Cheat Yakushi no Isekairyo” or (my guess) The Con-Doctor’s Otherworldly Inn. Don’t know this series. Mental note.
  2. No Game No Life on the left, can’t make out the stuff on the right.
  3. Sekai no Owari no Encore. Beside of that, Madan no Ou to Vanadis. Sadly, I can’t make out anything more on that row.
  4. Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Hey, hayashi!) on the left. Rest beats me.
  5. Beats me, too.
  6. Don’t know about the left ones, but Ero Manga Sensei is on the right! Starting from the third book counting from the right.
Right Shelf
  1. OreGaIru. Dunno about the right side.
  2. High School DxD. Right side’s unknown to me.
  3. Looks like “グーマーズ” to me on the left, but can’t find anything on it. Right side’s a series with a long, long title.
  4. Can only identify Sekai no Owari no Encore on the right.
  5. Shinmai Maou right-ish. That’s about all I can make out.
  6. Beats me.
Stuff in Front
  1. Sword Art Online right from small book that reveals that bigger furniture part.
  2. Counting three books to the from SAO, the novel seems to be called Run Over
  3. The last standing book on the far right seems to have “エルア” on it. But searching for it, I get nothing that’d make sense. Aaand I’m out of luck already.

Also: note the shelf on the far right of the picture. it’s quite nicely sorted by color. Looks like it at least. My OCD approves. pant, pant.

4 thoughts on “Guess the Series – Season 1 – Part 1”

  1. Well, it looks a bit plain indeed, but I guess that’s a normal store so it’s ok even if it doesn’t look like an official GSC WonFes stand.
    On the left, top shelf, leftmost is GaruPan, right to it on the one sticking out I can see a very small (Kancolle) Akagi and Kitakami (SPKTKMSM!!), right to it there is one that probably features characters from various franchises, I can see Hiei (this is hard because I can’t see the eye color. Looks definitely like a pre-remodel Hiei since she’s even winking, but her hair seems too long on a side and I thought she was Kongou at first) but I don’t know the others and the pink haired one doesn’t even look like a shipgirl. Right to it there’s another sticking out with Yamato on it.
    5th shelf, Kancolle: Akagi, Kaga and probably Houshou. Right to it another Yamato.
    On the posters at feet level, under a big red dot there’s a Kirino with an incredibly small… Kuroneko? ♡ヽ(*´д`*;;) Why did they make her so small? My little sister can’t be this egocentric.
    If you look at the big F on the wall, then go about 5 o’clock from it, you can see Kurisu and Rintarou, plus a lone Kurisu under them.
    So to sum things up, I only recognized Kancolle and 2 extremely popular series. Shame on me 😛

  2. I’m just gonna go and post Misogi’s guesses via Twitter here too, ’cause they amazed me:

    Left Shelf :
    – 1st : Garupan on the left.
    – 5th : Kancolle again on the right.

    Center Shelf :
    – 1st, on the left :
    – 2nd, on the right : Hidan no Aria AA, and the main series.
    – 3rd, after Vanadis : Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, rest is too blurry.
    – 4th :, then, last is too blurry.
    – 5th : No clue.
    – 6th : The Isolator, one title name I forgot, right unknown.

    Right Shelf
    – 1st : Index on the right.
    – 3rd : Gamers on the left.
    – 4th : on the left, CTG on the right…
    – 5th (typo) …, right too blurry.
    – 6th : again. No clue about the rest.

    Haken no Kouki Altina ad in the front, right side is too blurry.
    A KonoRano book in the right side of the backgrond, and that’s it.


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