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Don’t worry, I won’t shout out my three sizes, résumé, or the story of my life here. All I want to clarify right here are things that seem important to me to mention in regard to what I’m writing. Well, also just stuff that I feel like getting off my chest since it’s lingering in my mind.
tl;dr: whatever, I do what I want.





My English Proficiency



My Japanese Proficiency




As you might know, visual novels/eroge are long. It’s almost impossible to play through a bunch of them if you don’t happen to be a professional/native and quite frankly, sometimes, after having played through them for a bit, you already know that it’s not your cup of tea. This format allows me to give you my personal opinion on how each visual novel/eroge felt and how much fun it was up to the point I played; it’s an estimate of sorts.


Reviews (of English Versions) and Editing



Reviews (of Japanese Versions)

First of all, I’m trying to keep it as objective as I can. However, I’m not a robot and in the end reviews are a very subjective thing as they correspond with the likes and dislikes of the one who’s writing them. The point is that in case you’re reading my reviews – the conclusions to be specific – keep in mind that I’m probably harsher with stuff I don’t like and maybe more favorable with stuff that I do like.

So what would that be? Personally, I prefer romantic comedies (rom-coms) with harem elements, grown-up little sister (imouto) characters, or comedies in general. Main reason being that I feel character interactions hold more potential for interesting developments and comical situations than other genres. It also requires the author to be more creative than just throwing stronger enemies and power-ups at the series.

What I do not like are, first, most battle series since I feel like they are all the same and battles tend to unfold into something awfully retarded – there’s arguing with your opponent for hours, they let the opponent power up, etc. Second, I dislike lolis if there’s fanservice in that sense, ’cause I’m no lolicon and it frankly creeps me out. Last but not least, brainless ecchi fanservice and moe-blob – for instance, if the protagonist stumbles from boobs to boobs all the time or the panty-shot rampage in Strike Witches; Hyperdimension Neptunia managed to shoo me away with its picture-perfect, pink unicorn, ideal world crap – it’s just too much (and the utterly crappy subs did the rest).



Basically, I only stream when I’ve something I want to show a friend. Which means it’s possibly that I stream daily for a while, then don’t for half a year. Life’s so fickle, isn’t it?



I basically tweet stuff I’d also post about. Namely, about games, maybe CGs from visual novels/eroge I’m currently playing, opinions on stuff I’m enjoying, yadayada. What I do not tweet about is the usual “Off to see a movie with friends. #excited”-facebook-crap. I don’t care to extravert my life and you wouldn’t care to read it, anyway.


Whimsical Translations

To recite my note:

Incomplete translations are marked as “teaser.” Complete translations aren’t. If I feel like it, I’ll further the translation. If I don’t, I won’t. Hence, “whimsical.” Stuff may be dropped or continued, or both, or alternately, at any second without notice.

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  1. On the twitter section, you wrote “I don’t care to extravert my life and you wouldn’t care to read it, anyway.”
    ‘Extravert’ is actually either a noun or an adjective. You can’t use it as a verb.
    You may think that it can be used as a verb probably because of these words: convert, subvert, etc.
    The etymology doesn’t really help either.
    etymology: extro- = extra- (after intro-) + Latin vertere turn (this will make us think it can be used as a verb).
    I cared to read your post thoroughly.

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