Anime Review: Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu

Who Would Like this Anime?

You’ll definitely need to be open-minded, have humor and patience.

For: People who like very light-hearted comedy.

Translation Where?

I’ve watched this release. Yes, doki for once. Why? Because Commie’s release is retarded and Coalgirls’ just bad. This one’s the only actually watchable. And get 1080p. Not because it’s so gloriously hi-res, but ’cause it’s small-sized to begin with, might as well go for the 5% extra sharpness. But it’s far from being native 1080p, just sayin’.

Translation: Doki’s the only watchable I know of. The whole scene failed here.


Our protagonist, Souji, really likes twintails. One day, aliens attack the Earth to steal all the twintails, or rather just the twintail traits, so that there’ll be no twintails on Earth anymore. Thankfully, an alien scientist, Thouars, has chosen Souji to be the wearer of the Tail Gear, a magical accessory that turns its bearer into a twintail-wearing warrior, so that he can defend his beloved twintails from the claws of the aliens.


The art’s quite easy to look at. It won’t enter any hall of fame, but it provides nice battle effects, the characters looks well-animated but strangely they look kinda off in freeze frames (see screenshots). The backgrounds are mostly veeery simple and lifeless. To get an idea, just watch episode one. As we all know the golden anime rule commands: episode 1 always holdeth the best art in any seriesth.


If you’re reading this, you made it past the premise without losing hope; that’s a good thing. In case you already took a glimpse at the score and question my sanity: hear me out first! If this whole thing read kinda bumpy, please bear with me, I kinda wanted to throw this out ASAP.

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu - 08.mkv_snapshot_11.42_[2015.12.29_23.55.31]
The longer you look, the funnier it gets. See what I did there?

When I first watched this show, I already knew a bit about it. The protagonist’s crazy about twintails and it’s about fighting of a girl with twintails. That much I knew. Alright. Then I watched the first episode and asked myself one single question: are they effing serious? And the great thing is: no, they aren’t! Let me give you one advice, don’t lose hope after episode 1, you have to struggle through it and from episode 2 onwards you’ll know how you must watch this to enjoy it.

Bwehe... hehe...
Bwehe… hehe…

The author knows he’s writing a heap of bull and the whole show isn’t taking itself serious at all. I hope I don’t spoil too much, but literally no enemy that comes across them survives 5 minutes. They’re all super weak and carry a certain fetish (cuteness, nape of the neck, bloomer, …). Basically, this show wants to do two things: have battles that hardly deserve to be called such in a classic Power Ranger manner and shower you with pseudo-serious plot and gags inbetween. It’s not epic, it’s not deep, and it knows. Everything.

So let’s try to get some structure into this.

Nyaruko's sister?
Nyaruko’s sister?

The characters are all rather usual. Tsundere, erodere (or w/e it’s called), ojousama maso, tough maid, soulless protagonist. The protagonist’s got but one trait: he’s a sucker for twintails. And that’s what all his actions are based on. You needn’t think. No, you mustn’t think. Also, Thouars (the white-haired girl) kinda reminds me of Nyaruko, thumbs up. If we’re honest, they’re all really shallow in character. Then again, this series doesn’t want to really on character development, so eh.

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu - 02.mkv_snapshot_09.25_[2015.12.29_23.52.29]

What about the comedy? The obvious gags are really routine ones. Perverted girl wants to feel up protagonist, childhood friend doesn’t like that, yadayada. The comedy gold, however, lies in where you don’t expect gags: within the serious story segments. There are no serious story segments. Get it? The author’s never serious about what’s going on, and seeing how absurdly serious everyone is with those ridiculous stuff in the series is where it’s true comedical value lies.

Resistance is futile.
Resistance is futile.

Is the plot any good? Well, the plot… Let’s tackle the question from another side. What do the Earth-threatening aliens do when they’re not snatching twintail traits from girls? Oh, you know, the usual stuff. Duking out who’s got the cutest fan articles of the protagonist’s twintail-wearing alter ego and such. Or playing Jenga.


Or publicly search another alien’s notebook to discover that he’s beaten an eroge within a day after release although it wasn’t twintail-related. There were times when I watched it when I was like, “Now the aliens are finally going to give the… Oh, nope, never mind.” I don’t think there is any plot, really. They’re just building their Twintails (capitalized ’cause that’s their name) team, discover their inner twintails, and try to give you some laughs while doing it.

The red and blue Power Ranger.
The red and blue Power Ranger.

What’s bad about it? For what it wants to be, I only dislike two things. One, the art and scenery can get pretty damn boring. I know that that’s how Power Ranger scenes used to look like, but still. Second, I would’ve liked more daily life situations with the characters instead of throwing them from Power Ranger battle to Power Ranger battle.

How can this get 8 points? This is basically just a comedy show with a bit of romance on the side, battles do happen but then again those are no battles. If you’re trying to take this show seriously, it’ll one of the worst facepalming experiences you’ve ever had. If you realizes that this show has its eyes a-twinkle from start to end, then you won’t be able to help yourself but smirk watching it. Also, it’s one of the few animes I’ve seen lately whose OP and ED song get me pumped to watch it. Rating it a 7 would also be okay, but I was so pleasantly surprised, it got me good and gets an 8.

Rating 8/10


Best girl.
Best girl.

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