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This is a permanent and stickied post that will be perpetually updated whenever… well, whenever I feel like there’s something worth calling “news” or “update.” It’s sorted from newest to oldest. Have fun! Last Updated: January 2021   New Comments Plugin Did you know my Recent Comments plugin broke? I didn’t. I hurridly replaced it … Read more

Anime Review: One Punch Man

You probably know this kind of dilemma: You’ve got a friend who’s completely unfamiliar with anime but they want you to show them an example to understand what it’s like. Frantically, you’re brainstorming for possible candidates and experience all kinds of ‘Nam flashbacks about jiggling milk bags, 1000-years-old dragons, and tentacles. What Japanese anime isn’t … Read more

Light Novel Review: Okuni Cheat nara Isekai Seifuku Mo Rakusho desu yo? Volume 5

Summary Summaries are only provided for stories that readers (presumably) cannot enjoy otherwise, be it through anime, manga, an official or fan translation. I want to stress that I do not claim my summaries to be 100% accurate or thorough, they’re just write-ups from memory and you will most definitely not have a representative experience … Read more